I just wanted to remind everyone that RatForum's goal is to be a friendly and welcoming environment where anyone from rat newbies to gurus can come for unbiased advice and discussion. I want this to be a place of respect and understanding - a place where no one feels ostracized because their views or opinions don't align with the majority. That's been my main goal as an admin since I was promoted to the position, in part because those issues plague a LOT of online forums and ultimately lead to their self destruction.

I understand everyone here is just really (REALLY) passionate about rats. I get it. We see the same stuff constantly - people who want to breed irresponsibly, people who refuse to provide veterinary care, people who are clueless about proper care and resistant to our suggestions. I know how frustrating it is to deal with that over and over again. I really do.

But we all have to remember to be tactful and respectful... not patronizing and condescending. There are other people behind those messages with emotions and feelings. Making them feel like they're being attacked is only going to make them more resistant to listening to what we say. And sometimes we just have to put down our weapons and agree to disagree. Just remember that we're all here because we love rats, and we all have one common goal - to better the care for rats as a whole by sharing the knowledge we have with others.

Just try to be nice about it. And if you can't be nice, you'll have to deal with me!

Thank you all for making RatForum the awesome community it is today!