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  1. Looking for Two or Three baby females to adopt in Western Mass
  2. In desperate need of help (Ottawa, Ontario) to Western Mass
  3. 9 baby rats (4-5 weeks) need homes near Cambridge, Ontario!
  4. Looking for a Dumbo Rat in Kentucky, preferably female
  5. 12 baby rats need a home- Indiana
  6. Rat needs a home in Niagara area.
  7. NYC-2 one-year-old male dumbos for adoption
  8. 2 males in East Texas need a home!
  9. Desperately need home for squishy male ( BOSTON MA can travel!!!!)
  10. NYC-baby rats for adoption or foster, urgent, PEWS
  11. Can anyone save this "not friendly" Craigslist rat (Beaverton, OR)? URGENT!
  12. Need Homes - Cinnamon & Berkshire female rats.
  13. Female babies
  14. Need Home/Rescue ASAP! East Texas
  15. Star's Rat Rescue has transportation from SD to Chicago, IL - This month!
  16. Help!!!
  17. 12 rats- Tx panhandle area (transport to Dallas possible)
  18. MRR Open House at "Ratville" in ME
  19. Looking for two cuddly rats in Portland!
  20. Alice & Lolita- Female Rats Available for Adoption
  21. Illinois Looking for a female rat
  22. NY (Kingston)-Hairless male rats for adoption
  23. Need temp foster for two males, DFW area
  24. Do you live in San Diego and want free Dumbo Rats?
  25. Urgent - fosters need homes asap! offer Denver, CO
  26. MRR Open House, Rhode Island!
  27. Finally have my set up (Massachussetts Area)
  28. Looking for new homes for 6 ratties OTTAWA ON.
  29. 5 Baby Boy Rats for Re-homing in MN
  30. Rats in Jacksonville FL
  31. Looking to adopt and new little girl..
  32. Most likely need to adopt out single 1.5 year male Cowlitz county, WA
  33. Neutered Siamese dumbo male in Newport, OR
  34. Looking to adopt a rat pair in Florida...
  35. 2 Dumbo Females- Georgia
  36. Sweet little boy rat for adoption. Virginia
  37. Young bucks in boise, ID
  38. Looking for a male as companion to current rats in NE
  39. Orange County in Southern California looking for male rats.
  40. Whidbey Island, Wa. female needs a home
  41. San Diego, CA- Rehoming Female Dumbo Rat
  42. Looking to adopt two females. Baton Rouge, LA
  43. Baby Rats in need of homes (CT)
  44. My pet rat Lucas (Sacramento, California)
  45. Posting for a friend: 4 males (can go in pairs)-Culpeper, VA
  46. Blind female rat in Vancouver WA being given away for "pet or feeder" (Craigslist ad)
  47. Las Vegas Breeders?
  48. Adoptable Male- PetCo Bloomington, Indiana
  49. North Carolina (Close to the Border of South Carolina)
  50. Dumbo or Siamese Rescues in or around St.Louis MO
  51. South Western Ohio, Unexpected litter. 3 males, 2 females still need homes
  52. Looking for a male rat! SC
  53. 2 Female Rats One Dumbo, One Fancy SE Ohio
  54. Desperate Plea! Everyone please read!
  55. SOUTH CAROLINA: Where can I adopt?
  56. Need to rehome 4 amazing boys...
  57. Gorgeous PEW Babies need Homes in Central NY!!
  58. want to adopt in butler pa
  59. Need a sweet cute female rat!!! North Texas
  60. Adult neutered male needs home near SF bay area
  61. Craigslist, Petfinder, and other classified listings go here!
  62. 8 hairless rats need home in Orlando, Florida
  63. Western new york looking to rescue/adopt
  64. 2 girls for rehoming
  65. Found this ad.. two females looking for home come summer 2012 in Virginia
  66. Looking for local Breeder in Central CA
  67. 6 rats need new homes! Portland,Oregon
  68. Looking for Rats In Windor, ON
  69. 3 PEW Males (DOB 12/28/11) NEED HOME (CAPE CORAL/ FT MYERS FL)
  70. Re-homing my three girls - Michigan
  71. 3 sweet boys with a sick mom need a new home
  72. 3 female pet rats need a new home
  73. Looking for a breeder in the Cincinnati Ohio area
  74. id like to adopted a female rattie, but where?
  75. Scritch-Loving Hairless, Bedford County Pennsylvania.
  76. Anyone interested in a hairless female?(Maryland)
  77. Need a rat train from NC to KY
  78. 72 hour FLASH PROMO, Mainely rat rescue!!!
  79. Looking for a male (or possibly pair) in the Okanagan, BC
  80. 18 Ratties For Adoption At SRR -Transportation is possible to SD, MN, NE, ND, IA
  81. Young male in need of a home, handled since birth.
  82. Looking for a pair of males in Virginia, Hampton Roads area
  83. Young Males in need of Forever Homes. Eastern Iowa, can drive a bit if needed.
  84. St. Louis, MO
  85. 2 super sweet girls! Perfect for first timers! Long Island/Queens/NYC area. MRR!!
  86. Rattie Railroad Trip to Chicago, IL from Madison, IN and then up to Minneapolis, MN
  87. 5 girls need a home in Nor Cal
  88. Girls for Adoption in Northern Ohio
  89. Two girls and two boys for adoption in Mechanicsburg PA
  90. Rat Breeders in Maine?
  91. Looking for New Home for 2 Females in the CT/MA Area
  92. Young Male Rat in need of new home asap- Central Arkansas
  93. Anyone looking to adopt in Eastern PA or Northeastern Virginia?
  94. To any one in Oakland County in Michigan!
  95. Babies For Adoption In Orange County CA
  96. Baby Rats Up for Adoption on Vancouver Island, Canada
  97. Looking for a Minnesota breeder
  98. Awesome rat needs a home
  99. Hairless for adoption in Apopka Florida
  100. looking to adopt in PA!
  101. Lots of baby rats in Virginia needing homes
  102. Looking For a Male Ratty
  103. LOOKING for altered male/female in ORLANDO, FLORIDA
  104. Looking to adopt in Eastern Connecticut
  105. Windsor, Ont. Baby hairless dumbo for sale.
  106. South Carolina/upstate Female rat needs home
  107. Anyone willing to foster these babies?
  108. St Louis, MO area. 7 babies up for adoption!
  109. US Rat Rescue Group List Needed
  110. Adopt a hairless girl! Maryland
  111. 2 Females, 7 males in Mid Michigan
  112. Two Female Rats in Missouri
  113. Looking for a double rex in NY!
  114. Help!
  115. White and grey male, four weeks old in need of a home ASAP. Kentucky.
  116. NYC Area-Rats for adoption/foster/urgent-Please help Natasha
  117. Well it looks like I have no choice....
  118. two females needing home in nebraska!
  119. Three female rats need a home - Toronto area
  120. We Need Homes in SC or NC!!!
  121. Six Males need homes in Northeast Ohio!
  122. FL : looking for rat
  123. Desperate for Homes in PA
  124. WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA - Accidental Litter, if all aren't adopted - SNAKE FOOD!
  125. PA (Carlisle)-Samantha's two rats need a home
  126. FLORIDA Treasure coast looking to adopt friends for my little guy
  127. Looking for young male rat to be Ramsey's friend
  128. Looking for Rat Shelter in Washington State (Puget Sound Area)
  129. Thinking of breeding
  130. IN SEARCH OF: Baby female dumbo rat in SW FL
  131. LOOKING FOR: 1-2 bucks Philly
  132. Rehoming young male rattie near Metro Detroit, MI
  133. Craigslist ad in Harrisburg,pa
  134. Pregnant rat, Maine
  135. Looking for one special little girl rat in Central NJ
  136. Looking for one special little girl rat in Central NJ
  137. Litter in Colorado Springs Area need homes by end of June
  138. [Los Angeles] Rehoming one young male rat
  139. 10 baby rats in Cape Coral, FL looking for forever homes
  140. 10 Rex Dumbo Babies up for Adoption in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
  141. Re homing 2 sweet girls in Dallas, Texas
  142. Two male dumbo rats
  143. Male rats for adoption in Mechanicsburg,PA
  144. Looking for 2 baby rats
  145. Star's Rat Rescue has Transportation through MN, WI and Chicago, IL - July 28-29
  146. 2 dumbo female rats need a good home in Birmingham, AL (35242)
  147. Rattie Tattie Rescue- Lots of rats needing homes!
  148. NYC (Brooklyn, Bay Ridge)-30 rats need homes, asst., 9 mos. old; transport possible
  149. 2 young neutered males-NE Ohio
  150. Rats Needing Homes in Cincinnati , Ohio
  151. Need experienced rat owner for hairless male - Rhode Island/New England area
  152. Need experienced rat owner for hairless male - Rhode Island/New England area
  153. Rat Adoptions in the Bedford/Breezewood PA area.
  154. Looking For Hairless rats in NC
  155. 2 Dumbo Rats in Orlando, FL Need a New Home
  156. 2 Rats need new home: Seattle WA area
  157. Hi! I am looking for a fairly young female rat.
  158. Breeders near Western NY?
  159. Rescues in Louisiana
  160. 4 rats in Austin, TX need a home
  161. Two girls need a home :( One is a Rex. Southern Ontario area.
  162. Anyone near here to help these guys??
  163. 3 rescued male lab rats in PA need a home!
  164. 2 Females need home NC
  165. Looking for male rats?
  166. Beautiful babies in Maine!
  167. Looking for rats near South Carolina?
  168. looking for ONE female near Seattle WA
  169. Wanted west yorkshire uk
  170. Rats wanted in and around Las Vegas/Henderson area
  171. A beautiful fawn-hooded boy up for adoption in LA/OC, California
  172. Need to rehome my rat girl. Ottawa, ON.
  173. Hairless and Berkshire in Newport,pa
  174. hi am new here and looking for a home for 2 dumped rats in kent
  175. looking for a rat near Forth Worth Tx
  176. Dominating male ratty, looking to adopt out. (South NJ)
  177. Anyone in New Mexico???
  178. NYC and NJ (North Jersey)--Two-month-old rats, both sexes
  179. Fancy rats to good home. $50 re-homing fee Detroit Area Macomb County
  180. NYC area (Pelham area)-Trained female rat needs a home
  181. Looking for 1 or 2 baby female rats in CT
  182. Looking To Rehome 2 Male Rats (Ontario, Oregon)
  183. NJ (Union Beach) and NJ or NYC area-6 abandoned male rats for adoption
  184. Looking for female rats in Toronto.
  185. 7 Males for Adoption in Campbell River, BC, Canada
  186. Urgent rehoming!
  187. Transport Needed--Northern NJ (Urgent!!!)
  188. Help finding a nearby rattery
  189. Ontario? Ottawa?
  190. WTB 2 male dumbo rats, young age. Must be able to deliver/ship to Huntsville Ontario
  191. Looking for young rats in Hampton Roads VA area for a first time owner
  192. YRA New Additions - SE Michigan
  193. NJ (S. Jersey)-Urgent, 12 rats, evicted, need homes or foster
  194. NJ (New Milford)-Urgent, 2 male rats need home
  195. Lovely blue husky rat (female) needing a home
  196. Looking for a female rat, eastern North Carolina
  197. Wanting a 6 to 8 month old male Dumbo!
  198. Looking for Southeast US Femal Hospice rat as a companion for Zelda
  199. Looking to adopt a baby rat Worcester, MA
  200. Looking for a rat in Northwest Ohio Or.....
  201. Rats need rehoming in South Carolina :(
  202. Looking for a male rat or a rat that needs to be rescued - Melbourne
  203. Looking for hairless rats in Orange County
  204. Rehoming accidental litter
  205. blue dumbo boy rochester ny
  206. NYC-Baby boys and girls for adoption
  207. Male Rat in need in rehoming! (CT area!)
  208. New Jersey Rescues
  209. **Male Rat Rehoming, Connecticut**
  210. Pregnant rattie, Lansing MI - babies will need homes!
  211. Fort Myers, Fl area rats for adoption
  212. Need home for 2 females, 9 mos old, includes Martins R680 plus extras!
  213. NYC area-2 Siamese boys and 3 hairless girls for adoption
  214. Cute video of rattie up for adoption
  215. Ontario Male rat for adoption
  216. Wisconsin Babies Looking for Happy Homes
  217. Help 3 girlies get from Madison, WI to Dubuque, IA
  218. Rat babies in Las Vegas
  219. New coloring type?
  220. Looking for baby/young rat in the Atlanta area
  221. Spoiled Rattens has a Siamese Dumbo for adoption in Madison Heights, VA
  222. 12 Rex/Dumbo Pups needing homes in a few weeks (GA)
  223. Adult and babies up for adoption! Vancouver, WA.
  224. Happy to accept male desexed rat in Australia
  225. 11 week Russian Blue berkshire up for adoption in Coos County, Oregon
  226. Babies available at YRA in SE Michigan
  227. Two rats available-- GA/NC/TN
  228. Hurricane victims with pet rats!
  229. WORCESTER MA: Adult female rats for adoption
  230. Krazy Candle Fundraiser for SRR!
  231. Looking for hairless and or rex rats near lancaster california
  232. Sick ratties in CNY... :(
  233. NY (Ithaca)-Rats need homes; transport possible RI, MA, NY
  234. Two Rats Up For Adoption With 3 Foot Tall Cage Included
  235. fort worth, tx area!!! 9 rodents need homes!!!
  236. Just curious...-rat inquiry-
  237. Mama rat and her three pups with cage and equipment, Jax. FL
  238. Looking for a hairless near long island, ny
  239. Debating Fostering VS Adopting...
  240. Looking for rex/hairless near huntsville, alabama.
  241. Rats up for rehomeing come with cage food ect FREE TO GOOD HOME
  242. URGENT-Seventh heaven rat resue needs help
  243. PetSmart in Fort Myers Florida has male rats up for adoption!
  244. 6 half-wild babies need homes in WA!
  245. we need a loving home
  246. Rehoming two male rats in Rapid City South Dakota
  247. Rescue rats need homes in washington
  248. 9 babies need home in IA
  249. Rehoming some rats in GLENDALE, AZ!
  250. Babies looking for new homes in Sydney or Newcastle area, Australia