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  1. Ramblin' time

    I'm just rambling my thoughts on here.

    Five years ago I started looking into getting a pair of rats. I was living in the US at the time and everything was familiar territory to me. Back then the internet and youtube didn't have a lot about rats and there was plenty of false information floating around. I am glad that I didn't end up getting rats at that time for multiple reasons, main one being that the information was really bad and that I had no idea I'd be living in another country ...
  2. Temporary shelving idea

    If your running low on shelving and need a temporary fix this is for you (:

    Simply get any cardboard, maybe from a large cereal box or a box you had items delivered in, cut it to size so it will fit where you want it but also will be able to rest on the horizontal bars of your cage (may not work if your cage is all mesh sorry) making sure to leave a little extra length so the card can sit on the bars without needing to be held.

    Once it is in place carefully curve the excess ...
  3. Bra hammock swing!

    This is my latest idea, it's quick, easy and so much fun for your little buddys.
    • scissors
    • sewing needle and thread
    • 1 bra
    Simply remover the part of the bra that fastens around your back, leaving the straps attached to cups but detached from the back part.

    Sew together the bottom of the cups back to back
    Then sew the loose ends of the bra straps to the opposite end of the top of the cups

    Hang from cage and enjoy

    (will be adding photos at later date) ...

    Updated 08-27-2015 at 12:53 PM by StonerGirlandHerRatties

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  4. What do you look like?- (No Conversation Please!!)

  5. Are your rats like this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mannie'sMom View Post
    Oh, sorry, I didn't read the whole thing, so I just talked about dehydration mostly.

    Fastest bonding that I've had with my rat is not just giving treats but 'how' I give them: I spoon feed him.

    There is a great rat author named Debbie Ducommun. Libraries should have her books; you don't have to buy them--great advice in there.

    Get a baby spoon, the kind coated for comfort, then get a sampling of baby food (Beechnut, Gerbers, whatever): Carrots; squash; beef;
  6. Are your rats like this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mannie'sMom View Post
    I had this same problem with our new rat. He couldn't get enough water from the bottle so my husband squeezed some out and then he lapped it up off the plastic ledge that led from the ladder, so we got a heavy crock and filled it with cold bottled water (put in an ice cube to cool it), and he drank like he hadn't seen water in forever.

    If your rats are eating a diet with a lot of water content they might not drink as much, like if you feed them little bits of watermelon, or baby food
  7. Mannie Likes To be Out of His Cage and Hide in a Really Large Wall Pouch

    I'm learning, or I should say Mannie is teaching me his tricks.

    He likes to be out of his cage, now--comes out fast instead of hesitantly, and today good lord, I had a time getting him to go back in.

    I won't pick him up (or try to) because we're still bonding, so I have to coax him in.

    Today, he went up in the 'wall pouch'; it is a blanket that I tacked to the wall for insulation (old house; that room is colder than others), and I didn't take it down for ...
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  8. Potential Adoption

    I found a litter of babies for adoption from a foster-organization up near Orlando. If I get approved, I'll get two (hopefully three if I can convince my partner ).
  9. Looking for a rat(s) in Philadelphia,PA? LOOK HERE

    [QUOTE=Sky's Boys;1904897]Hello everyone ^~^.As of today, I am helping a local rescue in Philadelphia,PA find homes for rats. They have both male and female of most ages. Please contact me at skysrats@gmail.com or text me at 267-475-5647 for more information and pictures. I will also be posting pictures & bios on some rats on my instagram Sky's Rats.[/QUOTE
  10. Story On How I Got Syke & Tazifer

    [BORING STORY]Hello, I'm Sky and I'm 14.Before you say it...Yes, I'm pretty young...But believe me when i say I've done my research.I've always had hamsters, mice and ferrets through out my life but I've only ever really wanted rats. Like most people though, I had parents who HATED rats and were disgusted by them but after 2 years straight of trying to convince them for one i finally got one....She was a petstore rat (Theres no breeders or rescues near) she was all white besides a little fawn colored ...
  11. Rat Nana Bragging About Baby!

    I've got to tell you guys about my baby rat! All about her! Her name is Blaire.


    Athena gave birth June 8th in the afternoon, much to my surprise. There were technically 3 babies total, one stillborn (also decapitated....) and two lives ones. Another one died that night, and the third one doesn't have her whole tail. I wish I knew why she's missing a good part of her tail. She had a scab on the end of it until recently.

    This litter was completely ...
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  12. Discontinuing Forum Blog, but don't worry!

    I'm going to stop posting here, but Silvia and Nugget have an other blog that is easier to manage as well as follow. There doesn't seem to be much of a blog type audience here, so I figure I might as well blog on a blog site, and post forum posts on a forum site.

    nuggetandsilvia.tumblr.com is the place to see photos and stories of Nugget and Silvia's adorable lives.
  13. Morning Snuggles

    Morning Snuggles with daddy while watching Criminal Minds : )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0069.jpg
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  14. Nugget's best Odd eye picture

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0055.jpg
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    Finally, a good picture of Nuggetís eyes! You can see the difference, though itís not extreme like some cases of odd eye.
  15. Silvia is so calm and trusting, I thought she was extremely sick!

    The pictures below are not of a rat who passed away, though they look like it, thus this little warning. Silvia is fine.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0048.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0049.jpg
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    We were watching netflix and she let me tip her over and pet her belly. Never having a rat this comfortable before, I actually moved her after I took the pictures, fearing she was sick, but no, she ran back over to me for more snuggles! I am AMAZED.
  16. Cute Moments and Od Eye

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ham.jpg
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ID:	211449
    Happy Hammock ratties after individual cuddle time! Also, Nugget's right eye is a darker red then her left, not by much, but it's only noticeable if you are looking for it. In this photo, it just looks like her eye is in shadow, but it's actually a darker red that is noticeable in good lighting or sun light. I didn't notice it until the second day because the first day she was too nervous to handle.

    Updated 06-06-2015 at 11:30 AM by Roddy St. James

    Cute Moments
  17. Cute Moments

    So nugget has adopted the extremely cute way of drinking by dipping her hands in the water and bringing it to her mouth, and it is extremely cute. I've heard this is a rare but not uncommon occurrence with rats who have water dishes in stead of water bottles.

    Updated 06-06-2015 at 11:30 AM by Roddy St. James

    Cute Moments
  18. Just discovered the blog function

    Today is the first day that the girls have slept through the day without waking up every ten minutes to see what i am doing. i am taking that as a sign that they are finally starting to settle down. In fact i looked in on them earlier just to check they were ok and i got a look from Kaylee who turned round and went back to sleep.

    River is having a bad day today. she has a neurological condition which means her back legs dont work fully. shes been to the vet and while they don't know ...
  19. My Zeta rat is humping the Alpha, is this normal?

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshRmc1989 View Post
    I recently had surgery and I'm In the recovery phase of counting the dots on my ceiling, my little buddies are both my comfort and entertainment. I had stones removed from my kidneys. So, you can imagine how uncomfortable I was when I awoke a few minutes ago to some loud rustling going on from my cage. I found out that Jean (The lowest in the hi archy) was humping Marv (Dominant Alpha). Now usually Marv humps jean... a lot, especially when I let them out to play. So of course I was a bit surprised
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  20. Super Scary Vet Visit Today

    I took the Edna and Rose to a local vet in town to get checked up for URIs. Everything was completely fine. Skin and fur are perfect, noses are clear, appetite and hydration are fine. Lungs sound fine. Turns out they're just irritated. Now, I'm not sure if it's form their old bedding, dust in my room, or allergies. They'll be getting some steam treatment tonight and tomorrow so hopefully that will fix things right up.

    Edna and Rose were pretty well behaved at the vet's office. ...
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  21. Russel and Carmen!

    Quote Originally Posted by Smilebud View Post
    My St. Patrick's Day babies! Russel is the black Berkshire variegated, and Carmen is the mismarked capped tan one. Carmagoo is a sleepy cuddled. My boyfriend calls him a little stoner lol, all he wants to do is chill with Mama. I trust him in the bed at night when the other half is sleeping, because he won't crawl over and bug him. If I fall asleep he falls asleep right next to me. He's already a swishy butt, I can mush him up into a rat ball and chomp on his head and he just bruxes like crazy!
  22. Food

    Can ratites eat hard raw carrots
  23. Pity Party of Epic Whiningness

    Well, this might be long so settle in

    I'm going through a lot right now with my rats and I'm kind of tired of always trying to talk about it and nobody gets it, or they just shrug and say sorry.. Hopefully you guys get it.

    I don't know, my two girls are super old. One is almost more tumors than body with undying zest for climbing and playing still; but I know her time is soon and as soon as she stops rolling the back back to me I'm going to have to help her go bummer. ...
  24. Three Little Witches: Kiki, Sabrina, & Me

    Day 1

    The first day of socializing Kiki and Sabrina was the hardest. They peed on all my clothes, and Kiki had the great displeasure of discovering gravity for the first time. I had the great displeasure of finding that rats could hiss.

    I also learned that Kiki is the more outgoing of the two. She hates sitting still, even if it's to be held or petted. But she learned quickly to take treats from my palm. Today, she even stuck her head outside the cage to get them and crawled ...
  25. First Blog. First First First.

    I'm at work.

    I'm bored.

    I want to cuddle my rats.

    The struggle is real.
  26. A real breakthrough socializing!

    It's been a busy week between taking care of my mother post hip replacement and working my regular job but I've still found time to work with the ratties every day for at least a good forty-five minutes to an hour. Mamma has been getting steadily more comfortable with my hand at the door of the cage or outside it(she still nips if I'm poking around in the cage but not enough to hurt, I guess this is just her way).

    Thursday we had a real breakthrough though! A friend will be staying ...
  27. Proper introductions with Mamma take two!

    I think to avoid posting ten million topics on the forum, I'll start keeping a blog of the amusing things I'm inclined to share and just post topics when I have questions and the like.

    So to start us off, I'd like to talk about my renewed efforts to get properly acquainted with Mamma, the hairless rescue I took in a little over a month ago. I'll spare you all from the lengthy details of acquiring her and simply say I thought I was adopting a boy and ended up with a pregnant, totally ...
  28. <3333333

  29. Female Dumbo Rat

    Winona needs a loving home in the Los Angeles area!<3
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	tumblr_nj438jeocD1qd181bo2_1280.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	tumblr_nj438jeocD1qd181bo4_1280.jpg
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  30. Winona needs a loving home!<333

    Hi, so I recently bought three rats from a breeder in November
    Buying three was just too much for me. So I want to find a good home for Winona because she is the youngest.
    Her name is Winona. She is a white and blue, grey dumbo. She is five months old. She is very sweet, but very shy.
    She's just too young for me. Especially since my rat Frida is about three years old.
    I live in Los Angeles, California. If anyone is interested please message me!!!!!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	tumblr_ng3hjsIzBh1qd181bo2_400.jpg
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ID:	196818 ...

    Updated 02-01-2015 at 04:16 PM by Frida_Ramona

  31. Cute rat candy

    So I was at food city today and I saw this candy:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20141218_170513.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20141218_170522.jpg
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    Its a jelly belly candy
    On the side it has care instructions--->
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20141218_170736.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20141218_170745.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20141218_170845.jpg
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ID:	191434

    in the third pic in red letters it says "SEE CARD INSIDE FOR FUN FACTS ABOUT RATS"

    i thought it was super cute and i thought that you guys might want to see!
    -Hannah ...
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  32. Update on Lady 12/18/14

    Well I checked the cage this morning and my ratties seem to be doing ok..
    They were both asleep in their little bed. Lady seemed to be breathing fine which is a relief.. I am definitely still going to the vet on Sunday, but I am relieved to see that she hasn't gotten any worse since yesterday..

    Oh and I have recently discovered that my rats love eating uncooked vegetable noodles... i can hear Lady chewing on them at like 2 a.m.
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  33. New Ratties!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jess <3 View Post
    Hey everyone, these are my three new adorable girlies:
    Attachment 182162(click to enlarge)

    In order from front to back, their names as of yet are Nina, Thea and Bonnie.

    Not gonna lie, i was only going to get two, i had my eye on Thea and Nina but Bonnie was doing everything in her power to get my attention plus she looks like a past rat of mine, Ebony, so i ended up with all three! I'm waiting a couple of weeks and then i'll introduce them to Sansa
  34. New DUMBO RAT --- !!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	10540883_645290052256040_967423338775474758_n.jpg
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    this is marv ! we just got him a few days ago from Monster pets in Audubon, NJ.

    We introduced him to Jerry...didn't go soo well... at first all they did was smell then jerry looked to be dominating and it wasnt looking to well so i seprated them for the time being i have them in the same cage just different levels that way they can still see one another and smell eachothers scent. i even catch my rat jerry climbing up the cage to get a quick ...
  35. My furry Friends

    Hi Everyone!!
    Well, i have two male dumbo's.
    Flash; who is a blue hooded.
    Jack; whom is a buff hooded.

    D.O.B - 7th December 2013
    both have the same as they're brothers,
    Became my best friends on the 17th January just at 6 little weeks old.
    Had no major problems with them except their dominance fighting which scares me alot but now i know why they're doing it. I brought flash first as i was only planning on having one at first but then found out ...

    Updated 09-19-2014 at 10:21 AM by aimleigh

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  36. My Boys

    I have 3 current pink tail boyo's

    I received my boys the same week I got my lip pierced, so I have had them for about a year and a half. There were originally 4, Batman, Robin, Rouqfort, and KitKat. I was hospitalized for personal reasons and when my mother came to visit me, she informed me that Batman died.

    I sadly have no pictures on my phone of Batman, my phone I had at the time busted and I lost everything... I can describe his coat though, he was the complete ...

    Updated 09-09-2014 at 11:29 PM by Namaste_RatMother

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  37. Blaze's health and Jojo's trust

    As a few of you may know I had taken Blaze (my oldest rat at 9-10 months old) to the vet this morning. The check up went fine, the doctor said his coat and teeth and eyes looks good. Then she listened to his lungs and also said they sounded fine. But because of the sneezing and red around his nose she still prescribed the typical medicine for a URI (Upper respiratory infection) Since his second dose around 4 hours ago I haven't heard him sneeze at all! I am super happy that the medicine worked so ...
  38. First Brux and Boggle

    by on 08-01-2014 at 07:11 PM (A Rat's Tail, The Story of Gizmo and Gadget the ESA Rats)
    After having my boys about a week and a half now, I have finally achieved my first brux and boggle from Gizmo! I'm such a happy rat mommy! Gadget is still getting to know me, and is having a difficult time dealing with his dislike for people, but we are getting there slowly. I'm so happy Gizmo has warmed up to me though!
  39. First blog starts on a sad note... Scarlett

    Scarlett's full story... RIP Scarlett -- ??/??/2011- 07/31/2014

    I wanted to do the right thing by Scarlett. I wanted her to go in peace and without significant pain. Shes had tumors for 6 months, and half her body weight was in tumours... She was no longer able to run around, just waddle... I was afraid of them rupturing and hurting her other organs. I was also afraid that the tumor on her rump that is pushing on her tail (she could not move her tail anymore due to the tumor pushing ...
  40. So... I've been gone a while.

    So if you've read the last entry, you know that I rescued something like a bajillion rats and rehomed them, I kept 4 girls of my own. Last year was year 2 of their existences and kind of a lot devastating.

    In February of last year, my grandmother had a stroke and fell against the rat cage. Now before you judge on what happened next, the kind of stroke she had was the kind where it hits in waves(think earth quake) so when she woke me up saying she fell against the cage, I didn't think ...
  41. Toothpaste "Payters" The Magnificent. - Complete life story

    Quote Originally Posted by gooseyp View Post
    Attachment 154649 TOOHPASTE
    Name: Toothpaste
    Nickname: Payters
    Birthday: September 16th 2008
    Lastday: July 18th 2014
    Breed: Black hooded dumbo rat
    Final weight:
    Total $ Spent: $3000+

    This lovely boy is Toothpaste but I like to call him Payters.

    Two days ago I had the horrible reality of losing him.

    Let me start you off with some history!

    Our Introduction:

    Toothpaste was
  42. Need to lose 40lbs....just can't find the motivation!

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlottesmom View Post
    IMO, there is no temporary diet, if you lose all the weight you want on a "diet" then go back to eating the way you were previously, obviously the weight will creep back on. I love it when people say "the diet didn't work bacause I gained weight when I stopped doing it". That is why people need to find something they can live with....very long term. I am still doing low carb and am not seeing the numbers go down too much but the gut is shrinking. I think I am going to go by the
  43. Recent events

    by on 07-16-2014 at 10:22 AM (Adventures of Roxy and Miss Daisy)
    I try to give the girls free range in their playroom as often as I can. But I do not bring them there every day, but do give them out of cage time daily, be it lap time on the chair, or on the bed. Any way, during lap time, it has not taken Roxy long to figure out she can climb the outer wall of the cage to the "top of the world" to look around. Of course, it then means she needs rescuing from mom or dad. I have conceded that I am not going to stop her from doing it. We had to move ...
  44. New Food& Tricks

    Today I was able to buy Regal Rat for my girls. They have been eating a rather terrible lab block.. Ever since I found that out, I have been wanting to switch them. Finally I was able to go out today and get some! They love it! I only bought a three pound bag, but I am hoping that it lasts them for awhile since they get all kinds of other foods along with the staple food. (I also make them a little treat mix that has things like cereal, a small amount of nuts, sunflower seeds, oats, and pasta. They ...

    Updated 07-09-2014 at 08:16 PM by Kelseyrawr

  45. First Post in a While

    I've had wonders about how to get a pet-store antisocial rat to loosen up. He's adorable and occasionally sassy but just doesn't want to warm up to people. I don't get on the forums here very often but any replies would help. Doesn't respond to people attention very well but loves his cage-mate, and they seem to do everything together in the cage but he just doesn't wanna come out
  46. June 24

    Tuesday, June 24th 2014
    I apologize for not posting everyday like I planned, Ive been super busy and introducing Darwin and Watson was not as easy as I would have hoped! After I played with them both everyday, I let them play together in the bathroom twice a day.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	hiding.jpg
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    Of course there was the normal wrestling and forceful grooming but I was very protective of Watson because he was so small, so I didnt want to leave them in the same cage until I was absolutely ...

    Updated 06-25-2014 at 11:13 AM by Alisonacross

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  47. Dawson-Watson

    June 8th, 2014

    I decided to try to create a blog everyday to document Watsons life, since he is only 5 weeks old. I will also be documenting Darwin, who is estimated to be around a year and 3 months. And this way, his previous owner will be able to easily access updates. Its good to note that Dawson and Watson are the same rat.
    On this day, I woke up early and could not be more excited to pick up my new rat. The day before, I drove to several different towns and called 8 Petsmarts

    Updated 06-25-2014 at 11:14 AM by Alisonacross

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  48. toothpaste.

    I never owned a rat, but I wanted one. I worked at a pet store and our manager had the new girl unpacking the small animals from shipping. What he forgot to tell her was that she wasn't going to be the one putting the animals away. She she opened a box of baby dumbo rats and put the in the tank with adult female fancy rats. I heard one of the worst sounds ever and ran back to the rant where I pulled two blood covered baby dumbo out of the tank. I spent the next 6 hours cleaning and constricting ...
  49. Bestfriends never fail, especially those with paws and a tail <3

    I've only had my little girls since January. They make me so happy. They never fail to make me smile. I've been told I talk about them too much I just bought them a new cage. A little mad because i was scammed on craigslist. COVERED in rust. $30 for a piece of trash. I power ashed it, bleached it, covered it in vinegar, power washed it again, and am painting it in a few hours. Still NOT pleased. I'm going to make it work though. Meredith and Maisy should be in it by tomorrow night.
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  50. Immersion Training - The Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by GypsyBoo View Post
    I have a question please if someone could help me. I have had my two girls Gypsy and Boo for like 11 days now, they are both I want to say near perfect from using the immersion training, they come to their names, they seem to enjoy my company , I still struggle a bit with getting them out of the cage they come to the door eagerly but when I go to pick them up they make me chase them. BUT my real question is this. My other two girls Bubbles and Jinx I just got on Friday night well today I started
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