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A week in...

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So today marks week number 1 of having my new baby rats.. I picked them up this time last week

I can't believe how tame they are considering the short space of time I have had with them. Mya (grey face) is now willing and eager to get out of the cage, as soon as the door is opened she will climb up and leap onto your arm, straight up to my neck. Nyla (white face) is just finding her confidence and has started to approach me when I put my hand in to the cage, she will happily grab food from my hands, lick my fingers and on the occasion has tried to crawl up my arm however she hasn't yet got the courage to climb all the way up!

I'm loving having them both around, they are so kind and playful, I've not had any of them bite me, they just want to lick my fingers to death!! Feels like I have two rat like dogs I'm hoping to be able to train them a little in the future however I'm not sure when it is the right time to do so because of them still being really young. I've been trying to clicker train them to associate a certain noise with the reward of food (their favourite being dried banana!). I'm going to keep doing this until they come to my calls and go from there.

If anyone could recommend some starter tricks that would be awesome... I'll be able to youtube how to do them

Have a great weekend everyone Daisy x
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