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Thread: Salt licks?

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    Default Salt licks?

    My girls don't have a salt lick in their cage and I began to wonder if they should, so I Googled it and found contradictory information (no suprise there!). So, I decided to pose the question to you rat savvy folks here.

    Do rats need salt licks? If not, do they like them? If so, are they bad for them?
    Oh, whatever. You people are way too overly sensitive. I love animals, but you guys scare me.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    i heard salt dehydrates them, and they dont need alot anyway.
    i used a mineral lick in my boys cage for a while, but they showed no interest whatsoever.

    im not sure for certain, but i dont think theres any need for a salt lick.
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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    Yeah, that's what some of the sites I found said. Salt dehydrates them too much. But I found others that said they love it and it won't hurt them. Nothing I've found suggests they need them, though... so I guess it's better not to take the chance.

    Besides... I gave them each a piece of Cheeto and they LOVED it. That's more than enough salt for the week, I'd say! Heheh.
    Oh, whatever. You people are way too overly sensitive. I love animals, but you guys scare me.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    Rats don't really need those salt licks, and most won't bother even touching them . Better off not spending the money, IMHO.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    My girl used to have one but since she only used it as a perch I bought her one of those instead and took the salt wheel out.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    panda gets all his salt by licking my skin :?
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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    salt licks and mineral licks are those things that petstore employees tell you are "must-have's". Rats should get all the salt and minerals from their food and do not need additives at all.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    In all my years of having small animals - the salt licks go untouched.

    I'm sure, as lilspaz says, it's a pet shop 'must have' that, no doubt, it designed to bring in that little more profit.

    I'd say as long as they have a good diet, they should need one.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    if you want advise from the experts... "The Rat Lady" would be a great person to get it from

    excerpt from this page:
    Rats do not need a salt lick. They get all the salt they need from their diet. Salt licks are only needed by strict herbivores.

    side note: I read somewhere that this diet she explains is being modified... I believe Darksong on this board mentioned something to this effect not too long ago. Hopefully she will chime in on this thread.

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    Default Re: Salt licks?

    My girls never touched their salt lick. I really don't think it's neccesary to have one. Plus, they're too salty. :P

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