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Thread: Two Pregnant By Wild Male

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    If you don't have two water bottles in their cage, add one. Water bottles stop functioning more often than one thinks and if this happens the mom won't be able to produce milk, and the babies could die within a few hours. Good luck looking forward to baby pics and updates

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    They have a large cage so it's on the floor. I removed all levels and hammocks and such. I've been feeding them more protien and steamed veggies, I change the water daily. I'll get pictures posted but the lights off so it's a little dark. Queen is in the nest resting and Alice is gathering more materials.
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    Veggies are great and will also keep them well hydrated to produce enough milk. Do they have two water bottles?

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    Yes I have two large water bottles that are checked daily to make sure they are working. Both girls are resting so I'm going to leave them be for a hour or two and will check back with them soon.

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    Were you able to catch the wild rat in your house?

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    Sadly my cat got a hold of him a few days ago.

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    Do you think you have more wild rats in your house? It is quite likely as rats live in groups and leave scent marks to find their way back

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    Possibly but I won't be letting the girls out without me watching them and I have out live traps. Luckily I have tile so I've been bleaching the floors so hopefully that'll help. I plan on keeping most of these babies but I definatly don't want them pregnant again.

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    I belive rats can mate through the bars of the cage. You will have to be very careful.
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    I wouldn't think that would be possible with such a small spacing in the bars, but I'm deffinatly trying to get them out of my house.

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