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Thread: Berkshire rats...

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    Default Berkshire rats...

    I'm interested in collecting pictures of various berkshire rats, and especially of their bellies, because I've seen a lot of variation within the marking and find it to be endearing. Anyone? I'm probably going to add a markings section to my website anyway, and get different rat pictures to show variation within the marking.

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    Tucker's adult agouti berk belly

    Baby Kismet (Frizzy Kizzy) wrestling on her back

    Bear belly at 8 days old

    Tootsie, you can see why she was named that

    She had the prettiest belly and loved to show it off

    Zuri's berky fawn belly She was pretending to be a scary monster!

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    OMG those pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!!

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...



    -explodes- Thank you <33 I'll credit you on my site.

    ETS: LOL the guy at the computer next to me is saying "That's so gross!" and "Those aren't rats, they're mice!" LOLOL

    And I'm looking for hooded pics now, too. Here's a link.

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    Hoodies are easy, I have had or have so many

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    OMG those pics are so cute, i agree that i am on the verge of simply exploding. i always wondered if the people sitting next to me were wondering what i was doing, but hey, keep your eyes on your own comp, buttwad. my only berk rat is also nakie, so that doesn't really do you any good i don't think...

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    fawn (Faline) and pearl merle (Dolci, RIP) mismarked hoodies/barebacks

    Brie (RIP) beloved black hoodie


    Never sure about Cleo's she a hoodie?

    her sister Tosca, more of a mismarked bareback but they are from the hooded strain

    Vesta and Valora (2 sisters) both beige hoodies

    Dilbert, my Russian Blue hoodie

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    Here are some pictures of Boris :

    I'll try to get some nice pictures of Oliver's weird berkshire belly. I have one, but it's not possible to see both markings on his belly:

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    Here's a couple of Ash, who I actually learned is a veriberk, I think?

    And his sis Maggie, who is a berkshire (again, I think) :wink:

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    Default Re: Berkshire rats...

    Ash is a variegated berkshire (variberk)

    and Maggie is definitely a berkshire. (berk)

    Cute kids!

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