Rat's hearing are too sensitive?
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Thread: Rat's hearing are too sensitive?

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    Default Rat's hearing are too sensitive?

    I keep my rat's cage in my room. I was wondering, if rats' ears are so sensitive, does this mean I can never play music in my room? Or watch tv? Would the music/sounds be painful for her ears since she hears better than me?

    I haven't listened to music and I don't have a tv in my room.

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    Default Re: Rat's hearing are too sensitive?

    I listen to music all the time and my girls don't seem to mind. I don't crank it though - I have neighbors, haha.
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    Default Re: Rat's hearing are too sensitive?

    My rats live in my living room .. hence they get tv, music and family arguments thrown at their ears. I've never had a complaint yet from them, they sleep through it all. So as long as you keep it to a relatively realistic level (unlike my neighbours .. he should be deaf by now!) there shouldn't be a problem at all

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    I'm listening to Linkin Park and Zinc is falling asleep on my desk as we speak

    ETS: It's actually Thousand Foot Krutch, but same genre XD
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