Urgent: Need a Single Critter Nation
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Thread: Urgent: Need a Single Critter Nation

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    Default Urgent: Need a Single Critter Nation

    There is someone in my town that posted 8 rats on Craigslist. She claims shes allergic to them. Shes keeping them on pine bedding and in one of the pictures shes feeding them Oreos. All 8 are in a 24" L x 18" H x 12" W cage. I feel terrible for these babies and would like to at least take 2 or 3 but I dont have the room in my DCN (I currently have 12 in there, 6 babies and two females in one half and 2 males in the other) but will soon only have 7 in there (3 males, 4 females) where can I get a cheap critter nation, or does anyone have one they're willing to ship? I'm in the US. I'm tight on money right now because of Christmas but really want to help these babies

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    Petsupplies has single critter nation cages for about $105 and double CN for about $160. If you apply for PayPal Credit you can buy it with it. It gives you 6 months FREE financing so basically it is less than $20 a months or you can repay it all at the end- doesn't mater as long as you repay it before the 6 months are over or they will add the interest rate.

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    You live in western NY right?

    Maybe contact a rescue to see if they can take the rats.
    Flower city is good.

    You can link the ad in this group, the owner does rescue and maybe someone else can see it and take them in.

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    I also need a cage. I had a martins cage lined up but the lady isn't responding to my emails...
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