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    So I impulse ordered a single critter nation cage. Since I'm only getting two rats. Now I'm starting to wonder if I already want to buy the second level! I know it's a lot of space but I think it's worth it. Especially since I plan on getting more rats later on.

    I also know that height is important for rats, is it possible to remove the floor between the first and second level? It's for another cage design I'm working on where there's more smaller shelves/perches/and hammocks and just one single floor unit. Has anyone else done that? I just feel like only one floor space is necessary and easier for cleaning and litter training.

    BUT. Would that be a safety issue? I'd be worried about my rats losing balance on hammock or ladder and falling at a pretty big height. I don't know how graceful and acrobatic they are from bigger heights.

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    I did that with my DCN.

    I would not leave it like an empty space straight down. But I have not had any issues. It is way nicer for cleaning. They love it.

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