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Thread: Can a rat cage be too big?

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    Default Can a rat cage be too big?

    I have heard from a rescue that I got my rats from that when housed in a cage that is too big, the rats may become territorial. Does that mean there may be a minimum for a large cage? On the rat calculator it says the DCN can fit 16 rats if the space is used wisely. What if you only have maybe three or four rats?

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    The dcn is fine for four rats. Personally I think 16 rats in a dcn is too much
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    A DCN is not going to be too big for 3-4 rats, not even for 2 or 1. Many people keep that many rats in the cage even.
    If your cage was like the size of a large bedroom it might get on the too big too handle/clean range lol But no there should not be any issues with them being territorial unless there are underlying issues already.

    16 is not ideal for a DCN though, you may have put in the wrong measurements. Sometimes people put in the whole cage which includes the bottom stand which shouldn't be counted as space.
    A DCN fits 10-12 rats depending on how space is used.

    Critter Nation 2 Levels: 36"L x 24"W x 63"H (48" H without the stand) fits 12 if you only give 2 cubic feet of space, 9 with 2.5.

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