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Thread: Thoughts on the "No Intentional Breeding" Rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkissed View Post
    Breeders hate that question lol 99% of the time all we can say is black prob. Without knowing what the parents are carrying it is just a guess. You are likely to get black or agouti. As you can see from this chart...
    I didn't mean I would ask that question,I just typed it as a example.
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    People who want to intentionally breed will breed no matter what a forum's rules are and will ask questions under the guise that they adopted their rat already pregnant or it was an oops litter. From what I've seen there are countless numbers of 'oops litters' being talked about and it makes me question how many are in fact 'oops litters' or 'rescues already pregnant'. The rule forces folks to lie about their circumstances because if they run into trouble they know nobody will help them because they intentionally bred. This means because nobody answers them (or they do and choose to flame which starts a pile on) that the rat/s in question are at risk. It is not a fair rule because if we care about the health and wellbeing of rats it should not matter how they were born. Nobody can force people not to breed. It will...never...ever...happen.

    When I see folks jump on intentional breeding I feel badly for the rats who are a product of this breeding who are in need of help. To assist in the decision to intentionally breed all a group or forum can do is provide information of what can potentially go wrong with breeding to allow people to decide whether the risk is worth it or not and also how intentional breeding negatively impacts the amount of rescues in need of homes. Of course the majority of folks won't care about the latter because they will do what they want.

    Rat forum/group members need to take on a different attitude and not judge people looking for help who may be in crisis financially. Maybe a person did have disposable income but now they don't because they got laid off, injured or let go.
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