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Thread: Any way to measure correct amount of medicine?

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    Default Any way to measure correct amount of medicine?

    One of my new babies was really sick when I got home today so I bought antibiotics from the avian store. They didnt have doxy so I got Baytril and amox. They're not in capsules though and I have no idea how to measure the measure without a scale that reads mg (mine only reads grams/lbs). I'm super frustrated right now trying to get some meds in this little guy before its too late. Can someone please help me figure this out. These are the two that I have and the instructions on the back, but since it's marketed for birds I have no idea how to adapt it for my rats.

    Screenshot 2017-01-09 19.53.56.png

    Screenshot 2017-01-09 19.54.28.png

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    The enrofloxacin bottle says 2.5gms/100gms. Is that not weird, does it seem like that should be mg?

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    I really don't recommend self medicating your rats, since overdoses are dangerous things.

    I will say that for any rats under 6 months that enrofloxacin, also known as Baytril, can be very dangerous and prevent proper cartilage growth. Amoxicillin on the other hand is perfectly safe for babies except in extremely high doses.

    Just remember a tiny dose to us might be huge for a rat, especially a baby!!

    I won't lecture because that's not going to help anyone, especially if you can't afford a vet. I will however, direct you to a website called ratguide. Do you have a kitchen scale? You'll absolutely need a way to get their weight for proper dosage. Too little and the bacteria will build an immunity, too much and your rats could suffer. has dosage calculations. Tablets are a lot easier to calculate than suspenions, so keep that in mind, and definitely know your risks.

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    I didn't take it as lecturing at all, and I agree with you. After I wrote the post logic and reason kicked in and I decided not to risk it. I've got a menagerie of strange pets so I stay ready for surprise medical emergencies and don;t have any issues with affording vet visits, but I understand what you're saying. I took the boys to the vet the the following morning. Julian, my little blue boy made it to the appt, but sadly did not return home with us. He went downhill really fast overnight and no treatment was going to help at that point. The vet said maybe because he was much smaller than Merlin and couldn't keep the infection at bay long enough. Or maybe he was just worse off to begin with.

    Merlin has a whole host of issues going on, a URI, a yeast infection in one eye and an infected partially healed bite wound on his neck. The vet says that the bite wound if the most pressing issue, more so than the URI. She says without clearing that up then his body/immune system even with the URI antibiotics won't be able to keep him going for long. He was sent home with both Doxycycline and Baytril and he has to go back on Friday to have the wound checked. She says if there's no change in the wound then she'll have to open the healed over part and clean it out then start a more aggressive antibiotic treatment. He still has a bit of an appetite, but doesn't seem to be eating as much as he should. He's not drinking a lot on his own, but I've been giving him water by syringe and he's more than happy to drink it. I seem to hear more wheezing & sneezing now than I did prior to the vet visit, and he stays in his little bed napping most of the time, and only comes out to use the bathroom and explore briefly then goes back to napping. Does that seem normal, or is it maybe just because he doesn't feel good. I also wonder if he's just weirded out by the fact that his cage mate is no longer with him.

    I'm concerned with what you said about the Baytril. Merlin is a big boy 193g, but he's only 7 weeks old, and was prescribed the Baytril for the next 10 days. Are you talking long term exposure or even short term use to be dangerous? Should I ask my vet about it?

    Thank you for your help and advice

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