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Thread: Girls get poofy in heat?

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    Default Girls get poofy in heat?

    So I've owned boys almost exclusively over the past few years, so this might be a dumb question.
    I have two girls and a boy as of now (neutered of course!) and when my girls go into heat, they poof up their fur!
    I've never seen this before in rats that weren't distressed in some way, and my vet gave them the all clear health wise. I poke them and prod them when they are poofy to make sure nothing hurts, but it's not so easy to hold down a girl in heat even for a couple of seconds.
    My boy lives in the exact same cage conditions and hasn't poofed his fur once since I got him. If it was environmental, surely it would affect him too.
    I've just never seen this before, is this behaviour normal?

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    I do not know about poofing, although if it's occurring when they are in heat, it is probably attributed to that, hence why your male hasn't pooled.
    My girls literally vibrate when they are in heat.
    If your vet gave them all a clean bill of health, I wouldn't worry about it too much

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    She probably in heat like you think and she getting frustrated because she knows she shares her living area with a male and he hasn't tried anything with her she probably going ''DANG IT DUDE JUST DO ME NOW'' <sorry over board there lol

    Or she doesn't like him and feels unsafe.

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