Lets talk bedding..
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Thread: Lets talk bedding..

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    Question Lets talk bedding..

    I do own a horse and fequent feed stores quite often. I have a bunny and hedgehog as well, I have always used carefresh and paper based litter.

    Recently, I have been doing research on aspen bedding and have been hearing how it helps with odor control.

    economically, It would be easier to find a nice bedding that would be safe for them all to use that would be bought in bulk.

    The only problem is the one feed store that I go to alot has kiln dried shavings.. which I believe is white pine based. I know for a fact that it helps with odor control and is a good bedding brand for the horses.
    [h=1][/h]would love to know what other people use and where to buy good quality bedding in bulk!!

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    there are so many bedding posts but, I haven't seen anyone talk about kiln dried shavings and if they were ok to use..

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    I buy aspen at tractor supply. IDK where you live? But any feed type store probably has large bags of it.

    I have around 40 rats give or take, 4 guinea pigs and a bunny. I go through lots of bedding. Its cheap and the bags are a good size.

    Aspen is perfectly safe.

    Kiln dried pine (not cedar- never use cedar) is believed to be safe by many. I know many people who use it and love it. It is supposed to be the best at odor/ammonia control. I've even used it a few times. I don't personally like it. But IMO it is just a matter of personal opinion. I would research the studies out there and make a decision on its safety on your own.

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