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Thread: Is spaying risky or dangerous?

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    Default Is spaying risky or dangerous?

    I've explained the situation in previous posts, but long story short for those who haven't read my others, I was sold 4 boys and 1 turned out to be female. They've were together for a month and are now separated.

    I don't know if it's wishful thinking, but I don't think she's pregnant. She hasn't gotten any rounder, or any bigger in general, her personality hasn't changed and she hasn't become agressive or territorial or anything along those lines. She looks lonely, but she's still the same personality wise. But of course I'm not going to jump to conclusions and I'm still going to wait the full 3 weeks before assuming she isn't pregnant.

    But, if she isn't pregnant and hasn't had any kittens by the 4th April, I have two options. I can either get her a few female friends, or I could get her spayed and put her back with the boys.

    Now I think I'm leaning more towards having her spayed, as I would always find her cosied up with the boys and they were all so close and cuddly, and now that they're apart she's constantly climbing up to the top half of the liberta cage where the boys are separated from her. I can tell that she misses them and I feel so guilty keeping them apart. But the thought of spaying makes me nervous.

    I just wanted to ask a few questions, like is spaying dangerous for the female and is it worth it? What are the chances of her surviving, and how long does it take for them to heal after? Should I just get her female friends instead and hope she attaches herself to them just as much as she did the boys?

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    If you have an experienced vet who uses gas inhalant anesthesia, proper pain management etc a spay isn't that risky. Each surgery can have a risk and a full hysterectomy goes into the abdominal cavity so it's a little more risky than say a neuter or an easy tumor removal. BUT it also has a lot of health benefits for her. No chance of uterine infections, reduction if not complete prevention of mammary tumors and even pituitary tumors.

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    Any surgery is risky. Like lilspaz said, as long as you find an experienced vet who uses proper procedures it's fine. I vowed after losing my heart rat to huge mammary rumors that I would spay all my future females. I have one now that got spayed young and she is happy and healthy. I personally think the rewards outweigh the risks. I should note that I trust my vet deeply with all my rats. She has done numerous surgeries for me and all of them have come out fine. Do your research, find a good vet before making a decision.

    Also, in your situation I think it would be beneficial for you. You have 3 males, and 1 female. They are separated now, but now you have to worry about getting her a friend and having two separate cages, and play times. It's a lot more work. If your willing to do it though and don't want to spay her than that's not an issue.

    I actually have 3 boys and 1 girls living together and they are all happy. =)

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    Thankyou so much. Yeah, it's definitely seeming to outweigh the risks. I didn't realise there were so many pro's compared to cons so I'm definitely glad that I asked. She misses them a lot, she's always up the side of the cage when the boys are out having their play time. And like you said, it's so much more hassle having two different play times, two different sets of food bowls, different cages, etc. I just can't wait for the first of April so that I can book her in for the spay.

    As for the vets, I only trust one of my vets to be honest, and I won't see any others but her. I think she's the owner but she's got rats herself and I would only want her to do it. I'll have to go in there and ask who would be doing the procedure.

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