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Thread: Getting a new rat after a loss

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    Default Getting a new rat after a loss

    So I recently lost my first rat, Dante. He was very sweet and loved cuddles and was very clingy. Then he just went downhill so fast and I feel like I'm part responsible because I feel like I could've or should've done something to prevent it. But in the end, at least he lived a long 2 happy years.

    But aside from that I'm asking for advice for getting a new rat? How do you guys get a new rat without feeling bad like you're replacing you're deceased buddies? How long should I wait? I really enjoyed having a rat for a pet and I would like another one but I just cant help but feel bad like I'm replacing Dante as if he didnt mattered or something. I'm even considering getting two this time so they dont get lonely but then again I get that guilty feeling, any advice? please and thank you!

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    I'm sorry
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    I never consider it like replacing them. Yes, there will be a new animal(s) in the cage, but they're not to replace Dante or the effect he had on your life. They're there for you to make new adventures and new bonds, they're not a replacement, they're a completely new experience.

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    Think of it as, hey, you've got all that rat stuff (cage, leftover food etc) and more knowledge about rat care. Why not use it on other rats that need homes? You can give a new good home to rats that might otherwise be unhappy, unhealthy rats due to being bought/adopted by someone who doesnt care about doing research. You're on this forum, you can ask questions about anything you want Why not help out some animals? Im sure Dante would like his fellow rats being given a good life, as well as them helping you feel less sad about losing Dante
    I got my second pair of rats when my first pair was 1.7 yrs old, because when I started thinking about their passing I hated the thought of a big empty cage.. I did not regret that decision And the younger rats were there for me to keep going without crumbling too much when the old ones passed

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