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    I'm new here so here so I thought i'd introduce my boys! I've been keeping rats off and on for right around 10 years now (since i was 12!) and I've had 11 rats all added up but right now I have 4 boys, Atlas, Mig, Ranger, and Sid. Atlas and Mig came from a lady off craigslist on October 30th 2015. She saved them when touring a rodent mill apparently, from what i was told they were born around july (maybe?) so they are coming up on two years now. I got Ranger and Sid from a nice family owned pet store that does it's own breeding, I brought them home November 9th 2016. I totally forgot to ask how old they were when I got them though, i would guess around two months, since I know the store doesn't let their pets go super young. Atlas is a mismarked BEW and a little bit of a stinker. He is a little bit of a bully but he chilled out a lot compared to the first few months I had him. He is the most dramatic rat I've ever had, he will squeak and complain if i touch him or pick him up and he isn't in the mood. He is also a freakishly heavy sleeper, and has scared me more than once. Mig is black with a white belly, and has very symmetrical markings on his belly. He is a real sweetheart, he doesn't like being picked up but he is still good about it. He is always interested in what you're up to and the only one who will really stash food. Ranger is my little trouble maker, he is dark grey. He was a serious escape artist when he was a baby until I got the critter nation. Even now whenever the doors are open he is ready to scale them and get on top of the cage. He is a tiny guy and has a lot more energy than everyone else. He doesn't mind being picked up at all. Sid is light grey, and a shy boy. He has a funny sort of reserved and cautious personality, he is not really the adventurous type. He is usually extremely gentle taking treats and a big snuggler, he is the most likely to find cuddled with someone else, and usually the last to come see whats going on when the cage is opened.
    They all live together in their double critter nation, which i got shortly after bringing the little boys home. I could hardly believe how smooth introductions went when I got the little boys. My big boys were hardly even interested in them and they all get along great besides occasional mild harassment from Atlas, usually in the form of over-grooming and being kicked out of sleeping spots. I'm planning on adding another rat or two to the group in the future, I think i want to keep my group around 4-6 or so from now on, I only had pairs and one trio previously and I really enjoy having 4 rats together now.


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    Awww! Adorable boys

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    Aww! They're so cute! And they sound lovely!
    Luna & Nyx

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    Awww they're all so cute!!

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    Awe, all your ratties are adorable! Also, welcome to the forum!

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    Thank you everyone!

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