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    Default Lies and deceit!!

    (Just a rant) What kind of world do we live in when the UPS system can promise us Christmas morning be delivered by 8 pm and then NOT DELIVER?! Lol. I sat on my porch until 10 pm waiting for our new cage and it never came. Updated this morning to tonight delivery. One more day to get to move our girls in together.. Bummer.

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    Oh, that sucks. Wishing you luck for it to come soon!
    Luna & Nyx

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    Well, the people who work on delivery are only human, so I can't expect them to always deliver on time. But I do feel your pain. I ordered a CN 2 weeks before I went on a long trip. It was suppose to deliver in 5 days, but instead it arrived the day before I had to go. Talk about a mad scramble to put it together and accessorize it! Add to that the fact that my model was missing a lid, the pan was cracked, and the pieces didn't fit. But with some hot glue and the bars from another cage, I was able to fix it right up. I also used a heavy duty hammer to straighten out the metal, so in the end, all was well! I was more ticked for my cage being so broken than it being late, but seeing how much my girl love their CN, it was totally worth it's.

    I hope you get your cage soon, and in better condition than I got mine! :P

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    lol Shadow after hearing that, I have zero reason to complain.

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