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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Default Hello Everyone!

    Hi all!

    My name is Sam an I just picked up four new rattie girls that were saved from the feeder bin by a friend of mine. They're pretty timid, but they spent a solid 30 minutes exploring their new habitat before they got tuckered out and piled into their flower pot for a nap. I work overnights as a pediatric RN, so they have the house to themselves tonight to explore in the dark and quiet.

    Anyway, thank for reading!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your new ratties!

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Can anyone say me can I put my rats in a ferret cage. I will separate the level.I had found some best ferret cages here. Plz hlp me out

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    You can, BUT you'll usually find a few shortcomings. For example, ferrets are larger than rats, so their bar space is usually an inch apart. Small females and young rats can easily squeeze out of that large of a bar space. Also, many ferret cages have verticals bars, as ferrets don't climb bars. Thus, your rats will not be able to climb their cage bars, which is something many rats enjoy, and which lets them reach higher parts of the cage.

    I see that the MidWest Ferret Nation Ferret Cage is listed on that page. I suggest just getting a MidWest Critter Nation instead. The CN cages have the correct bar spacing, horizontal (claimable) bars, are good quality, spacious, and easy to clean.

    Link to the critter nation cage site: https://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/pr...itter-nation-3

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    Here are my Ratties girls! We're working on trust training since they were bred as feeders. So far, so good! No bites, though Hermoine and Merida are still learning to lick baby food off my fingers and not try to chew the baby food off They don't hurt though so I'm just gently removing my hand when they use teeth. Rosie and Katniss are SOOOOO gentle. Very timid, but SO gentle. I'm really starting to see their personalities come out! It's funny that the two black hoods are timid and the two brown hoods are more outgoing. Does anyone know if coloring is linked to inherent disposition? Anyway here's some pics
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    Welcome to the forum.Please don't let them have free reign of the house,it's dangerous for the and some of your stuff may be destroyed.

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    Coloring is not linked to disposition. Neither is pattern or ear position.

    All my girls are pet store rats, so I definitely understand the taming process. It sounds like your ratties are coming along quite nicely. The only thing I'd suggest is first feeding them baby food on a metal spoon. Rats hate biting metal, so they quickly learn to just lick the baby food off the spoon. After that, they should almost instantly make the connection that wet treats must be mixed. By doing this, I find that my ratties start just licking baby food off my hands almost instantly.

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