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Thread: Rats in double critter nation favor top half

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asiposea View Post
    Consider the closetmaid shelving found in home improvement stores. There is an 18" wide 1/2 bar spacing shelf that can be cut to length. You could have several of these going the length or breadth of the CN. I used one of these a while back as the middle level in addition to the stock shelving. Somebody on the forum also used the 'corner' shelving by closetmaid- it looked like it had lots of potential.

    Also, I'm not sure if you use the stock pans, if not, you could cut holes in the pans to allow more 'floor doors'. I just coroplast pans and make cut outs in the floor of the shelving for tubes or drop holes onto hammocks. Just makes it more interesting. My current design which is about to change is stringing a thick rope from top to bottom through the pan hole like a fireman pole.
    Its funny you bring up those closetmaid shelves, i used them to make levels in my previous cage, which was made to be a bird cage. I will have to look into those corner shelves though, that does sound interesting.
    I do use the stock pans currently, but i'm planning on switching to a loose bedding soon and i'm in the process of deciding exactly what I want to do for deeper pans. I'm leaning toward sterilite storage bins, i think the 28qt should fit pretty close to perfect on the half shelves. I was already thinking of making holes in the bottom for tubes in them, i'm excited to hear its been done before and works! Having a hole open to a hammock under is a really good idea too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorbinDallasMyMan View Post

    That's not a bad idea at all! I actually love having two shelves in the opposing positions in each unit. I temporarily kept my boys in a single unit with the two shelves (one high, the other low) once and I loved that arrangement. I thought is was such a good way to maximize the cubic footage while providing a ton of floor space. If you want to make the investment, using three or four shelves but no middle level might be a really good layout! You'd still have a 16" gap between the 2nd and 3rd shelf but you could find a way to fill that gap. I think I would've liked my CN a lot more if I had purchased a couple more shelves.
    Thanks for all the input! I love that you have pictures for everything that's so helpful to be able to visualize it all. I figured if I did add two shelves I would really have the same floorspace as now, just more open. I know they aren't going to start lounging on the very bottom regularly or anything but I think that would get them using more of the bottom unit space since it wouldn't feel be so separate and make it more of one big space. They are $14 each on drsfostersmith which isn't horrible.

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