Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?
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Thread: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

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    Default Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    Well I was stupid enough to buy two rats from a petstore, I have had well over fifty rats throughout the years and fell head over heels with one of the little males I saw and I bought a second one so he could have a friend. I dont like to have them one and one..

    Anyhow they had of course mykoplasma which is basically standard, but I still couldn't resist them.. Usually as long as you treat them right it dont flare up too bad and you can enjoy a good couple of years with them.

    However, they started both sneezing rather bad, rather quickly, today lil blue was congested and very uncomfortable and the first appointment I could get was tomorrow morning...

    steam bath did not help, so the nly thing I could think of was theraflu which has been a miracle worker for me..

    I gave them 7 ml each, and after a couple of hours of rest most of the wheezing was gone.

    Now, both of them are back to only sneezing, and playing and eating from being lethargic and not really wanting to move.

    BUT, I also notice that lil blue is a lot harder on checkers during play, so Im wondering if it is the theraflu that makes him grab the side and toss him around or if that's normal in ratplay? I have never seen such roughhousing to that extent before. Both of them have also turned much more daring since after the theraflu so Im really pondering if they are drunk?!

    Just now lil blue grabbed Checkers and dragged him in his skin down the little stairs, he isnt breaking the skin but still?

    It has been about 6 years since I had my rats, which I had between 17-23, and most of my rats were my own breeding so they grew up together.. these were placed together from two litters Id say about 3-4 weeks apart, in the same cage.. They do sleep together however between the scuffles, but Checkers dont look too comfortable.

    Any take upon theraflu and behaviors would be appreciated..

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    To me 7ml is ALOT for a small rat

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    The components of it is tested on rats, it took 125 times the maximum dose for a human to have an impact on the rats fetuses to see how it would affect pregnancy. On top of that, he was gasping for air, extremly congested, sounding a lot worse than the rat below, he wouldn't eat nor drink.. This developed very fast the last 5 hours before I gave it to him. I wasnt even sure he'd make it through the night. Yu can give echinaguard, this is not much different.

    I have after that found one other that gave their rat theraflu and experienced the same, the rat slept an then breathed better than ever. Mine are right now sounding better than they did the first few days coming from the store.

    Thats also why Im curious if anyone else has experience of it, it might be something good that we can have use of. I know Im tired of mykoplasma making my rats breathing hard, its a pita to deal with but I love rats so I cope. If this is something that can help I rather have it investigated than just shut down..

    and no vet had appointments til tomorrow, him fighting for air, no drinking no eating, it would have been tough on him, so I took a chance, a calculated such and so far he's perky, perky enough to mess with his lil bro checkers, wrestle him, nip him, drinking and eating. If I had given too much he would very likely been dead by now. If I hadn't given it, he might have been dead then too..

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    If you feel comfortable giving Theraflu to your rats thats fine, but congestion and illness means that they are likely going to need antibiotics not a home treatment.

    Most times you medicate a young rat once with their first URI (upper respiratory infection which a mycoplasmosis flareup can allow in) and they are often fine until they are older. Others may need treatment over and over.

    ETA: OMG I checked the ingredients and warnings...there's pseudophedrine in it! No wonder your rat is acting different! Pseudophedrine has been banned here in Canada!

    If your rat has any of these latent underlying health conditions you just may be damaging them for the future.


    I would NOT use Theraflu with rats.

    They often use rats to test medicines but thats more for effects and LD50 (lethal dose to 50 % of rats) not a recommendation to use it on pet rats.

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    I dont even know what that is, I will need to look it up.

    And yes I am aware of that they need the antibiotica shots, I have time today 11.45 but as I said, I was worried he wouldn't make it through the night, he was gasping for air so I took what I had to make it a tad better for him meanwhile in hope it wuld help.

    What is the difference with echinaguard? cause I read you can give that to congested rats to help them.

    I am having the luqid form however, it's containing acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan HBr and Phenylephrin HCI and not the part you mention...


    This was the one I used.. and I wasnt sure if it was that who changed any behaviors or what not, they have started wrestleing more since I bought them, and usually Im sleepingwhen they get at it. I know they are at it cause at night my pit jump sout of bed to go and check at them when they get her excited.. Last night I was up and saw it, so I not sure of the level of it at all. That's why I asked if it's normal, my old boys since they often were relatives since I had my own pet rats and breed my own from my favorite parents to get really cuddly ones I have never seen them wrestle like this to be honest.. Most of my rats has always just been cuddlers..

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    I'm not even gonna touch the fact you're breeding your favorite rats so you can have 'cuddlier' ones, without any sort of regard for health or genetics, or even for the hundreds of rats out there who are wasting away in shelters..

    And I'm really not understanding how you're not seeing the difference between Echinaguard and Theraflu. The biggest difference would be the fact one is a mix of echinacea, water, and alcohol and is used as a natural remedy to help booster the immune system. Theraflu, on the other hand, is a cold medication containing Acetaminophen [Tylenol] and a whole mess of antihistamines [like what Benedryl is].

    7mls worth of Theraflu is like you taking half the bottle. If you feel okay giving your rats a bunch of medications that 1: aren't accurately dosed for rats, 2: could cause lasting damage to their liver/stomach, 3: could cause toxicity in your rats with the use of antibiotics, and 4 : can cause gastric bleeding, then that's your deal.

    Please make sure you tell your vet that you've given them the Theraflu so that they can prescribe the correct antibiotics.

    Rats play. They wrestle. I don't care how cuddly you feel you bred them, it's something that all rats do. Depending on their age, they could be working out their social structure or be having hormonal impulses. If they begin to hurt each other you need to consider having one or both of them neutered to prevent them from seriously injuring each other. it is possible that the Theraflu had an effect on them as it can cause dizziness, agitation, nervousness, etc.. Yet another reason for you to not use it.

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    Java, I from Sweden, we do not HAVE the same overpopulation in rats nor dogs or anything else like you have here. we have ONE official shelter where Im from and a few private rescue groups, breeding in the US, NO WAY.. I see what you have here.. Where I am from, there is a total different story, and I would NEVER EVER breed two sick animals... So dont jump my throat for that one.. But over here I often foster dumped animals, or the dogs that are pulled from the shelter. Trust me I would never help to overpopulate this country, people can't even take responsibility for what they are creating already.

    nad I had no clue about the theraflu THAT I can admit, and I can admit I am likely to have done wrong there.

    BUt the way he was acting he freaked me out and none of the emergency vets around here didn't have room for a rat and I had too long trip to the closest exotic that I could find.

    However I will now have echinaguard home for the next time to make sure I don't do the error again.

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    and also, yes I did wrong when I wanted to do good to my little rat, I am admitting it. I am far from a perfect owner and when trying to care for him properly til I could get him to the vet, I made a HUGE error. However, none of the ones writing in this thread seems to never have done any errors, esp not when wanting to do good and right by your pet. I see little to no understanding to why I did it..

    I would figure since I have done that misstake you guys would rather keep me around to teach me as I do with dog people and explain to them why alpha rolling is bad, than really just judge me and shun me away. Not one welcome and I understand why, but here is some facts..

    about the difference in our culture that we dont have an overpopulation and the fact that I Kept most of my pups unless a friend wanted a couple for company and no I did not breed related rats.. Thats just Sweden vs US, we dont have as much issues, we dont even have no stray dogs.. We are only 9 million people in my country and its much more easily regulated. As I said, over here, I would not concider any breeding, quite the contrary I do take in rescues and foster, train really tough dogs so they dont have to be PTS..
    You can see one in the other pets part of the forum..

    It would have been nice if someone at least could see that I had the best intentions to help my little one and that I was not trying to hurt him..

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    I see it like this, you were desperate at the thought of losing a rat who was sick. That is understandable, but what you should have done is sought out an emergency vet who could treat it that night. Self medicating can be very dangerous and I am fairly sure that had this gone the other way and the Theraflu had damaged/killed your little one .. the story would be a lot different. Regardless though, this is obviously a lesson learned and I hope you will take the time to research well used and known emergency home treatment, or find an e-vet who will be able to see you at a moments notice in the future.

    As for the breeding thing, I know people do this, but breeding rats of unknown genetic origin can be very dangerous. That's precisely why we suffer the health problems of rats these days, because people don't take the time (or care enough to put the energy in) to properly breed the pets they sell/adopt out.

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    Default Re: Experience in rats and theraflu?? mykoplasma and behaviors?

    We see a lot of bad posts all the time, I usually check to see where the person is from but you don't have anything there mentioning Sweden, that would've made a big difference. You might want to go into your profile and add it. Its handy because for eg. I live in Toronto, Canada and can help other Canadians out with more local advice, whereas you might be able to help us with something else?

    When I see UK members, I tell them to get Beaphar Spot-On (Ivermectin) and Stronghold (Revolution) instead of the US/Canada names

    Phenylnephrine is now being used to replace Pseudophedrine but still has side effects that can cause central nervous system stimulation, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and restlessness.

    Its best to research things that are not already accepted rat treatments, just so you don't hurt your babies, but its definitely a learn on the job training

    I have done a TON of mistakes and cringe at the thoughts of some of them. I had many rats all through my life but only for the last 4-5 years have I been an Aware Owner. I am not heavily involved in rescue and I have a fantastic vet who has taught me so much, and the rest has been experience, research online, and others experiences and results on the 6-7 rat forums I have been on

    Things have changed a TON in the 6 years since you have had rats

    Oh and its good for your vet to start with injections of abs to get them into the rats system faster but then you should be sent home with oral meds (not put in water) for a 2-3 week course.

    Your babies are very cute, and I hope your little blue boy feels better soon.

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