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Thread: Two new hairless babes

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    Default Two new hairless babes

    Back after being gone for what? 15 months

    Horrible family stuff, had to rehome the WHOLE double-mischief as well as nearly all the other animals, and now... I got two nearly-hairless baby girls as a bribe for letting my husband get a fish tank set up!!! LOL!!!

    I'm SOOOOOO happy to get ratties again, really. I've missed them.

    *cough* Ok, ok, on to the topic...

    The babies are 4 weeks old, just taken from Mom yesterday at the pet store (it was a sudden bribe, and they were HAIRLESS sweeties!). They already are cuddly, taking treats from me, playing around, etc... but...

    I'm worried that the babies might not have been really ready to be weaned. What diet additives should I give them to give proper nutrition? They are drinking and eating, but... I want to make sure they'll be OK with it all.

    Also, I want to make sure they are getting enough food and water. As it's been a LONG time since I got a young rat (heck, ANY rat) I want to make sure I'm doing things right. What do I need to watch for as warning signs? How do I check if they are dehydrated or eating/drinking well and are healthy? Vet visit will be in about 2 weeks as we're CRAZY busy right now during the day, but they'll have their hour-2 hours out daily for sure - easy enough for us, as the sugar gliders are out playing too, and the bird, and everyone is taught to get along and they do but are still supervised (the baby glider already is cool with the rats, Skyler is curious, and Luna barks at them trying to figure out what the weird new things are!).

    anyways, thanks for your help ahead of time. I'll be back on when I can, as we'll be busy this week.

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    Default Re: Two new hairless babes

    Just make sure they are getting enough protein. Not too much, but I know younger rats need a little more than the older ones.

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