Heres a list of websites that sell rat merchandise. If you have a site or know of a good one you want added PM an MOD. If you find out any of these sites are no longer in service let an MOD know so we can remove it from the list.

based on OBO. can request scenes including rats!
pet portrait business

Hammocks, homes, etc
a good site for hammocks
hammocks, sleep-in hammocks, sleep sacks, hanging cubes(specialty cubes have hidden bottom pockets!), round beds, hanging tubes, and custom ramp/shelf/tray covers for FN cages.
Site to get really nice hammocks etc has good prices.
memorial ornament. there are other thing for sale well.
Star Dome Homes

cuddle rat replicas-stuffed
memorial ornament.

Multiple items
BRILLIANT for: rat hammocks, toys, bunk-beds (etc.), rat merchandise (books), rat medicine products, houses, cages, rat first aid kits etc.
Tons of stuff on here, mostly the same as acrorats minus the medicine products. Its a little more expensive, and it sells for other pets too such as dogs, cats, chinchillas and ferrets. They usually have quite a few good offers on and sell in sets as well as singles.
Another good site. More expensive than the other two cause the shipping is calculated per item rather than as a bulk. Has some good products at some reasonable prices. They even have their own bakery-type section
They have a bit of everything, and some great ideas!
Also benefits a rat rescue!
One of our own members site!

exercise wheels