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Thread: Every BYB's list of favorite excuses

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    Hallmarks of BYB communication:

    1. Tons of misspelling and grammatical errors.

    2. Calling others pointing out some truths about breeding ethics "mean," while hurling insults at the "mean" people, up to and including calling the truth-sayers "fat, mean, need a job, jealous, snotty, elitist, b!tchy, and cowardly."

    3. Related to that, accusing truth-sayers of "hiding behind a computer," when you, the BYB, are in fact hiding behind your own lies and sales pitches. Bonus points for accusations that no one who posts such truths online would ever have the guts to say these educational things in real life.

    4. Try to dictate how other humans post on your thread. Tell folks they aren't permitted to say anything unless it's positive or "supportive." Bonus points if you work in a good long whine about how exceedingly difficult it is for you to get your animals to the vet when they need it. Or how good quality foundation stock is just totally out of your reach, so you have to breed these rats that are available to you. Bonus points if you work in the old quote from our mythical mothers who told us if we couldn't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    5. Compare your BYBing to humans having children. Talk a lot about how human children born with birth defects and challenges have a right to exist, and how those of us pointing out there are ways to minimize this risk in rat breeding simply want all those poor children and baby rats to be killed, because we are so heartless and cruel. Extra, extra bonus points for calling people Nazis and accusing them of wanting to breed only a superior race of humans.

    6. Flounce at least twice. Work really hard at getting forum members to beg you to stay--at least a few misguided souls likely will, and you can revel in that attention. Because, you know, you're such a goldmine of ethics, reason, and wisdom, and the forum truly needs your daily input. Once you threaten to leave/keep other new members from joining/quit posting here at all, be sure to come back and explain that the only reason you're posting again is because you "can't just take being attacked," and must "defend" yourself.

    7. Brag about how awesome your facility is. Tell forum members how much you bet it is waaaay better than their own set-up and how your rats are far better off than theirs, in addition to being cooler, prettier, and totally healthy, compared to their "sick, inbred show rats." Bonus points earned here if you brag about getting seed mixes at Walmart and feeding gummy bears as treats, while showing pics of your tiny hamster "starter cages," and/or craptastic hilljack-home-built filthy cobbled-together Frankencages with at least four square inches of space for each rat.

    8. Very important--do NOT forget this one! End all nasty posts in which you've implied other forum members are guilty of all sorts of cruelty, stupidity, bad hair days, poor housekeeping, obesity, and killing butterflies, with this: God Bless!

    (God Bless always goes at the end of every Craigslist or kijiji sales ad, too, don't forget!)
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    The saddest thing about BYB's is that by taking one of their rats, you really ARE rescuing a rat from a horrible situation while at the same time supporting the BYB 'industry.

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