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Thread: Most Suitable Rat cage?

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    Hi, after reading through some of the threads, i realised i had signed up to a US forum. I'm from the UK, is this okay? Sorry if i have in any way offended you or your ratties I am getting two does in around 2 1/2 months, and have my product list ready, but i cant decide on numerous cages and beddings. I cant copy links, so will do my best to provide web addresses. I understand many of you wont have heard of the cages, websites and beddings in th uk, sorry for that!
    First up is Little Pet Warehouse, i like the Little Friends Narrow Bar Hamster/Rat cage, it is listed as EMPTY, as quite a few are called this. It does come with four shelves and a few tubes. The fancy rat cage calculator says it is suitable for around 4 rats.If there are any cages you know of in the uk, for under £60, with accessories, plz list them.
    Right, bedding!! We do have Yesterdays News, Finacard, Ecobed, Biocatolet, Carefreshand Bob Martins (2 versions of bob martins paper or crystal, obvs paper version!!) Just a few for you to check out. For 30litre, bob martins is £10.80, around $16.20, just wondering if you know of any UK brands that could be cheaper? Bob martins is a very light bag, just wondering what would last longest!! Thanks!

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    You are in the right place. This is an international forum and many of our most active members are also from the UK.

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about the cages you mentioned, but I'm sure someone will chime in here soon.

    I know a lot of our UK members do like Finacard, Yesterday's News is very popular over here, and I don't know many people who would recommend carefresh... so I'd avoid that.
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    Just a friendly reminder to but food before you buy your rat food ahead of time!

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