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Cruella and Iris
Black and white Soft grey with white
Extra long cage
Meet my two messy monkeys 🙊. Cruella is the white and black and Iris is the grey one. There both sisters and are 11 weeks old. I got them when they were only 5 weeks old!. I’ve never had them that young before so for the first couple of nights I hand fed them and smooshed up food to make it smaller for them. Now they eat virtually anything I give them. Strawberries and broccoli are firm favourites !. They love their treats and certainly know when I’m off to bed. I just say treaties and their both climbing the cage 🤣. I call it rat crack 🤣. They even have learnt the word gentle when I give it to them. Their latest trick is as soon as the doors open they jump down from their platform come to the front and launch at me !! Cruella loves sitting on my shoulder and Iris loves to rest on my arm. I’ve had many rats over the years but up until these two I hadn’t any for quite a few years . My partner got me these two and I said to him the other day that I didn’t realise how much I missed having Ratties until I got these two 💜



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