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2 years and 4 months
My elderly rat Twinkie lives with his brother dumbo, dumbo has been recently diagnosed with a tumour, and suddenly Twinkie has become very old like and ill?? He hasn’t moved out of his bed in a couple of days and he hasn’t been going to get water or food. If I hold a water bowl up to him he will drink it and he will take soem foods of me but he’s not getting it himself. He is also very puffy and kind of swollen and his fur sticks out and he’s very fluffy now, which he never used to be like. I’m just wondering what would be the best option in this situation, I’m very worried about dumbo living alone since he’s very dependant on Twinkie but I’ve also noticed dumbo isn’t really getting food from the food bowls now since twinkies been like this ?? Please can someone help me understand this situation ?


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