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  1. Abscess, cyst or tumour?

    Rat Health
    TL;DR: lump appeared overnight. Rat is from pet store with undisclosed health history. Lump is hard and does not seem to cause rat pain. No pus or drainage from lump or penis. Still eating, drinking, playing with cage mate. Is this a cyst, a preputial abscess, a regular abscess or a tumour? I...
  2. Found rat laying on her side, could barely walk, fine now but no diagnosis

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone. I took my rat to the vet last night after an incident but the vet did not have a clear idea of what had happened. Please read this, and if your rat has had similar symptoms and you have any other information that you think could help me or that I could pass along to my vet, please...
  3. Is this an abscess?

    Rat Health
    Hi! I noticed this lump on my rat Pepper last night, I’ve only had rats for a few years and this is new to me. Is this an abscess? How should I proceed? It doesn’t seem to be bothering him or cause trouble when he eats. It’s just in an awkward spot. I want to try to avoid taking him to the vet...