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  1. General Rat Topics
    I'm wondering if there are any female dumbo rats near Manhattan NYC, or in any part of jersey ? I want to add more girls to my family :) im willing to drive a 1-2 ish hour radius from really anywhere in jersey or NYC !
  2. Adoption Center
    Just what the title says, I have one remaining boy that shouldn't be alone, and I couldn't bear to give him up. I would prefer a single male around my boys age (2), but if I end up having to compromise I'll be just as well off with a pair of young boys.
  3. Adoption Center
    Hello! I adopted some girls and one came pregnant. It's now time to rehome her babies (5 very sweet boys) because I do not have the room to keep them. They are very sweet, love banana chips and kisses, and love a good snuggle! They URGENTLY need to go because I don't have the space that these...
  4. Adoption Center
    i have a fancy rat, Gouda (i think that’s what they’re called) and she has just become a nuisance to have, we’ve gone through 3 cages and i just don’t have a connection anymore. It’s sad that this happened bc in the beginning it was good, just over time i realized i’m not fit for her and i...
  5. Adoption Center
    UPDATE: A home was found for them Hello! :D My friend who is in Indonesia has to rehome her pair of rats due to personal things, and they are on a time limit of until around early October[She will have to leave October 9th, but they should go home as early as possible and before October 6/7th]...
  6. Adoption Center
    Anyone in New Jersey interested in adopting some rats? My friend gave me some of his rats from 2 oopsie litters and I'm looking to find homes for them! Very pretty coats - mostly rex or double rex and nice temperaments. Small adoption fee. Please text me if you're interested 8564697721. Thanks!
  7. Adoption Center
    Hello, I am looking for a rat owner who would love to home two double-rex hairless rats. The reasoning is, we live in an apartment. And the office and I made an agreement in keeping rats. But if corporate finds out we could get evicted. We’ve been having a lot of maintenance people come over...
  8. Adoption Center
    Hello, I'm trying everywhere I can think of to try to get homes for my two boys. They are a couple months old and they are bonded, but not from the same litter. I think I may be allergic to the fur/dust and I need a good home for them. If you or anyone you know of is in the area and wants to...
  9. Rat Homes
    I hand raised my beloved litter of fancy rats, born on December 9th of 2019 and had a perfect situation - all of the baby girls live with their mother and the one boy, Herbert, has been living with his father, Gerard. Unfortunately Gerard is an old rat and once he passes on I will not be able to...
  10. Adoption Center
    Hello everyone, So as I was perusing my local craigslist for cage accessories I came across this listing for a rat that needed to be rehomed. I unfortunately cannot take her in but I'm posting here in hopes that someone can. It makes me sad because she looks to be in maybe a 10 gallon tank alone...
1-10 of 10 Results