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  1. Adoption Center
    Hello!! My partner and I have wanted pet rats for a long time now, but learned that it's quite hard to find any here in lisbon. We spend all day running around petstores and seeing if we could find anything online, but had little luck. During my google searches, I came across this forum, and...
  2. Adoption Center
    BEND, OREGON We are looking to rehome our lovely foster rat, Kimchi. he’s a very affectionate dumbo rat who has never bitten and really just wants cuddles. He is suited best for a single rat household, as he was rescued from an abusive home with too many rats. he comes with a cage, food, bedding...
  3. General Rat Topics
    Please don’t judge. Two weeks ago I adopted two female rats that are 8 weeks old. I had done a lot of research prior to this about how social and cuddly and playful theyre supposed to be, they’re diet, likes and dislikes… When I got my two babies I was really excited and completely fell in love...
  4. Adoption Center
    We recently adopted 2 male rats from a breeder. We named them Ollie & Cheddar. They were a little over a month old when we adopted them in March 2021. They are very sweet and have never bitten us. They don't mind being held, but because they're teenagers, they're always wanting to move. With...
  5. Adoption Center
    Anyone in New Jersey interested in adopting some rats? My friend gave me some of his rats from 2 oopsie litters and I'm looking to find homes for them! Very pretty coats - mostly rex or double rex and nice temperaments. Small adoption fee. Please text me if you're interested 8564697721. Thanks!
  6. Adoption Center
    I had an accidental litter(a female I was given was pregnant) right now the babies are 3.3 weeks old but soon will be needing forever homes :) I’m located in WV
  7. Rat Behavior
    Hi there, First time posting, so please let me know if you need additional info or anything like that. I adopted a pair of male rats about two months ago, and they're just about a year old now. Their previous home before being fostered was neglectful and dirty (their little ears are chewed up...
  8. Adoption Center
    Hello One of my rats named pebbles unexpectedly gave birth to 9 pups last night. She is a young mother and refuses to care for them, so I have been nursing them. I am looking for someone who is interested in giving pebbles or some of her babies a new home because I am not able to keep all of them
  9. Adoption Center
    I’m moving out of the country soon and wanted to rehome my two male fancy rats (5 months old approximately) in the Atlanta, GA area. Both boys and cage/toys/food/everything are free. They’re sweet boys and I want to see them go to a good home :) If interested, please email me at [email protected]
  10. Rat Homes
    I hand raised my beloved litter of fancy rats, born on December 9th of 2019 and had a perfect situation - all of the baby girls live with their mother and the one boy, Herbert, has been living with his father, Gerard. Unfortunately Gerard is an old rat and once he passes on I will not be able to...
  11. Adoption Center
    Hi all, Due to a few issues with Pets at Home we have had four accidental litters. Therefore, I have a few rats that are available for rehoming. I have both boys and girls and they have an extremely good temperament due to their parents being amazing pets. If you are interested please drop me a...
  12. Blog
    Winona needs a loving home in the Los Angeles area!<3
  13. Blog
    Hi, so I recently bought three rats from a breeder in November Buying three was just too much for me. So I want to find a good home for Winona because she is the youngest. Her name is Winona. She is a white and blue, grey dumbo. She is five months old. She is very sweet, but very shy. She's just...
  14. Blog
    We have a ritual. Every other Sunday we take my stepson to the pet store and get treats, etc. for his turtle, Robert. I always take him to see the rats. I have owned them for many years, but after my last two reached their expiration date I didn't get anymore. It always brings me joy to go look...
  15. Blog
    I am looking anywhere that is non snake food and pet rat friendly. I have had them over a year but hubby lost job amd need to downsize. I have cried over this. They are all three very social and.loving. Non biters, fed suebee.diet and live in a double.critter nation cage. No health problems at...
1-15 of 15 Results