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    Winona needs a loving home in the Los Angeles area!<3
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    Hi, so I recently bought three rats from a breeder in November Buying three was just too much for me. So I want to find a good home for Winona because she is the youngest. Her name is Winona. She is a white and blue, grey dumbo. She is five months old. She is very sweet, but very shy. She's just...
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    We have a ritual. Every other Sunday we take my stepson to the pet store and get treats, etc. for his turtle, Robert. I always take him to see the rats. I have owned them for many years, but after my last two reached their expiration date I didn't get anymore. It always brings me joy to go look...
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    I am looking anywhere that is non snake food and pet rat friendly. I have had them over a year but hubby lost job amd need to downsize. I have cried over this. They are all three very social and.loving. Non biters, fed suebee.diet and live in a double.critter nation cage. No health problems at...
21-24 of 24 Results