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  1. Rat Health
    We’ve had Freki for about a year and a half. He came down with an upper respiratory infection a few weeks back, so we separated him from his cage mates and have been treating him with doxycycline per the vet’s recommendation. While giving him his medicine tonight I noticed that he was holding...
  2. Adoption Center
    Just what the title says, I have one remaining boy that shouldn't be alone, and I couldn't bear to give him up. I would prefer a single male around my boys age (2), but if I end up having to compromise I'll be just as well off with a pair of young boys.
  3. Rat Health
    So my male rat just seems to gotten of better form an head tilt it was gone for about a week and he was all active and happy like two days ago, but yesterday I noticed he was a bit less energetic and now to day he is wobbling, shanking, and making squeaking noise. Now I can't take him to the vet...
1-3 of 3 Results