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  1. Biting, Help!

    Rat Behavior
    Ok so we've had our 2 rats for about 2 months now (from the pet shop). I've been working on getting them used to being handled and it seems to be going ok with Rosie, she is getting more used to me and will climb onto my hand when I put it in the cage. Rita however is a different story! She...
  2. Adopted rats, not sure if I can keep them- need advice!

    General Rat Topics
    Hi- Last week I adopted three female rats from a wildlife center I volunteer at (they were rehomed because there were not any programs happening due to covid). They gave me the rats, cage, and food for free so all I had to buy was bedding and toys. I had been wanting rats for months beforehand...
  3. What should i do with my remaining rat? (Read for full context)

    General Rat Topics
    Long story short i had 3 rats. The oldest one (3) passed, seemingly naturally, and only a week later one of my two young rats (6 months or less) passed from what seems like an extremely fast acting respiratory infection (red eyes, heaving, low energy). Im left with 2 options w/ my last rat (6...
  4. Rats and cats?

    Rat Behavior
    Hey everyone, looking for some advice... I’ve had my rats for a few months now and they get a lot of free range time and love running around, scampering, and finding new places to hide. Yesterday I brought home a foster cat, thought it would be the perfect quarantine way to give back, because...
  5. Is my rat pregnant?

    Rat Health
    So, first off, Hi, I'm new here :) I rescued 2 dwarf rats a bit ago, and I think one of them might be pregnant but I'm not sure. The first rat, Paris, I got about 3 and a half weeks ago. She was housed with intact males (they were all feeder rats) but she's never showed any signs of being...
  6. Does anyone have some tips for rat-proofing my room?

    I'm in the process of making my room safe for my rats to run around and explore, but i'm super anxious they're going to get lost. I'm planning on making a cardboard wall around areas they could potentially sneak behind and get out through, but am worried they will somehow get through or climb...