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  1. Older rat is very hostile to newer rat after a fight?

    Rat Behavior
    We just recently got a new rat ( Ren ) and are trying the introduction process. We went through the proper steps ( neutral territory introduction, play area bonding, swapping cages, etc. ) and they were perfectly fine! Honestly, they really didn't pay attention to each other at all. So, after a...
  2. My rat is barbering his brothers

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I have three rats - Templeton, Toby and Todd. They are around 8 months old and came from the same litter from a breeder. Over the course of a few months, Templeton has been barbering Toby to the point where he has symmetrical bald spots on his shoulders and sometimes has small scabs from...
  3. Introducing aggressive/traumatised male?

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I’m a first time rat owner and have never had to do introductions before. I bought my first rat, Wilbur (approx 1 year old) from the petstore I work at. He was separated for a few weeks from his brother after they fought and he was left with a large nonhealing wound that resulted in him...
  4. Rats formally introduced!

    Byron has been introduced to Winston and Quincy. I haven't had issues with him and Winston, then again they don't really seem to acknowledge each other which needs to change. Quincy on the other hand is terrified, and Byron bit off a very small chunk of skin out of him. I hate seeing him so...