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  1. please help me !!! introduction

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, so i got some new babies and they’re about 8 weeks old. I tried to introduce them to my older guys who are about 15 months old. everything was going well until one of my adult bit my baby.! he is bleeding but the injury is fine. i separated them for now but how do i introduce them properly...
  2. Rats won't warm up

    Rat Behavior
    I've had rats all my life, but recently took a break from them when I had a child. My rats have always been sweet, friendly, energetic, adventuresome, curious, super smart, playful, entertaining, calm and just generally great pets. Well, my son is 6 now, and since he did so well with our...
  3. I’m very worried about my new rats please help!!

    Rat Behavior
    I recently adopted two little girls— Sniffer and Stevie from a breeder. When I brought them home, I played with them while my partner set up their cage (took a while— had to put construction fabric over it since the wire spacing was too large). Everything seemed really good— I’ve had four rats...
  4. Adopted Three boys, One passed away - What now?

    Rat Health
    Hey there. I'm new to this site and to being a rat owner. For over a year I do my research on rats now before I finally got some, but something unexpected happened. On June 7th I picked up three boys from a questionable seller. I barely interacted with her for three minutes before I had the...
  5. Training and Biting - HELP!!!

    Rat Behavior
    So I have new rat babies I’ve had them nearly 2 weeks. And I’m struggling to stop them from biting so I can start stroking and holding. I recently just tried the spoon technique (make an eek when they bite it) and now I’m using soft foods so they’ll learn to lick instead of bite. They only seem...
  6. Penelope and Peach

    I have two girls Penelope and Peach, they are about 5-6 weeks old and they are just the most adorbale rats I've ever seen, but they are not very playful with me... They tend to run and hide from me unless I have food for them or I'm giving Penelope water... Peach really wants nothing to do with...
  7. New Babies!

    I have decided to start a blog :) Our new Rat babies are 2 days old today! Jasmine is such a good mommy, although she has decided that as time goes on that she is going to bury them more and more into the nest lol. But I have decided not to disturb her and let her do her mommy thing. Although I...