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  1. Rat Health
    Hello, Back in around 2006/2007 I found a young male deer skull in the bush behind my grandmothers house, when exploring with 2 friends. We all took a piece from it and I took an antler. I recently came across it while cleaning out my parents basement. I am currently putting together a cage for...
  2. Rat Health
    Hello, I am looking for Canadian versions (specifically Ontario) of the Shunamite diet. Which alternatives to the UK brands can I use? And what would I do for extra protein for baby rats? Thanks
  3. Rat Health
    Hello! I got baby rats that were about 3 weeks old they are now around about a month old. When i brought them home i noticed small scabs on both of guts ears and 1 on griffiths ear. and the fur on the back of their necks was a little thin.. i gave it a couple days to monitor and chalked it up to...
  4. Rat Homes
    my rat Mazikeen had a litter of 11!!! its her first litter and i dont have enough space or money to keep all of them. though i want to keeo most... if anyone in Wisconsin or Janesville Beloit area wants a rat(s) THEY NEED HOMES!! (side note, i would very much orefer NOT to ship them bc i dont...
  5. Say Hello
    hello! i adopted my 2 lady rats a week ago. on the left is Peppa, on the right is Mari. they're 2 months and a week old by now. Peppa is outgoing and fearless. she leaps before she looks. Mari is shy and introverted, and maybe a bit lazy. i'm not sure how long it's supposed to take but i...
  6. General Rat Topics
    I'm getting two little girls next weekend. They are only a few weeks old. I think I have all the supplies. I'm just missing litter for the litter pan. What am I supposed to use?!
  7. Rat Behavior
    Hi :) I recently got my first rats - 4 females that are about 8 weeks old. One of the babies is smaller and more timid than the others. I've been following all the trust training advice, using treats, familiarisation etc but it seems as though I make progress with her and then the next day it...
  8. Rat Behavior
    Hi! So I recently adopted 2 baby boy ratties from a rescue organization, they are about 5-6 weeks old, so pretty young! My question is if I should be picking them up as much as I can since they are so young, I want them to be used to being held and what not. I’ve only had them for 3 days now...
  9. Rat Behavior
    I have 2 female rats Kyubey and Madoka, Kyubey is albino and I got both of them on thursday, I heard that I should wait 2 days before taking them out of the cage, they are very active and love playing. They nibble and lick my hands and climb sometimes but never far enough that they are outside...
  10. Rat Homes
    Hi everyone! I haven't previously owned rats, but I have a deposit on three boys from a breeder that I'm bringing home on the 27th, and have a small question. I have a double critter nation for them, and I want to have a fairly active layout so I would prefer to have the center of the cage...
  11. General Rat Topics
    Hi, I want to give my little babies a fun digging box and I have some questions about it. 1) How much coconut fibre should I have. Is 8l (270 ounches) enough or should I get more? 2)How long does the box last before I have to change it? 3)Is it better to put it in their cage or use it during...
  12. Rat Health
    NVM on this post.
  13. General Rat Topics
    I just wanted to share this photo of a baby pile (♡ω♡ ) ~♪
1-20 of 27 Results