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  1. Feeding an Orphaned Wild Baby rat

    Caring for Accidental Litters
    Hello! My brother and I are raising an orphaned baby rat who has a broken leg (we are going to visit a vet but are trying to find one that is going to accept him.) We estimate he’s about 15 days old because he’s opened both of his eyes. Today we gave him some Gerber organic banana blend. We are...
  2. My rats are afraid of me!

    General Rat Topics
    Hi everyone! I'm a new member on this forum! I've two male rats, they're 2 months, they live with me from two weeks. I don't know why, but.. they're afraid of me! If I put my hands in the cage they rarely come up on the hand. If I try to get them, they run away.. Is it normal? How can i do? I...
  3. Baby rats to good homes

    Hi all, Due to a few issues with Pets at Home we have had four accidental litters. Therefore, I have a few rats that are available for rehoming. I have both boys and girls and they have an extremely good temperament due to their parents being amazing pets. If you are interested please drop me a...
  4. Can’t Train Baby Rat Without Him Escaping

    Rat Behavior
    I’m a first time rat owner, I got my boys last Friday. One of them is rather skittish but is improving by the day, the other is confident but pretty impossible. I did tonnes of research for 2 years into owning rats before I eventually got them but I’m not sure how to deal with this situation...
  5. I'm sold on rats

    After only five minutes with my news ... Wow I'm sold .. FOR EVER !!!! The arrived maybe 20 minutes ago. After trying and mostly failing to get them out of a woven T because that's what they hid in when I had to go talk the breeder and sign the paper work ( BAD IDEA ) but they are out now and...
  6. A little hopeless

    It seems I don't have any luck with rats, Just when I'm starting to think life has thrown me a bone after losing my girl Nova I find that my new rat is sick. Wheezing and making bad sounds. Her nose just started getting wet, and its really frustrating to see her this way and I know I can't do...
  7. New Baby.

    So the other day i brought home a baby to introduce to my two adults that i have had for a few months now. The first indroduction did go so well, they nibbled at her and she got a small bite so that ended the socialization for that day. Every day i've had them out all together and its getting...