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  1. Rat pushing bedding into food and water dish

    Rat Behavior
    Hello. I'm new here, but just a question. Just today I got a rat. She's a large brown/white spotted rat, and her name is Fritzie. And yes, I know they say not to have just one rat, but the pet store I got her at said she was an oddball and didn't do well with other rats, but she is friendly with...
  2. Should you freeze bedding?

    Rat Homes
    New rat owner here! I just bought a bag of rent a coop hemp bedding and was wondering if I should freeze it before using. I would have to put in small batches at a time but it’s doable. I read somewhere that hemp actually deters any mites or lice, not sure if that’s true. I believe rent a coop...
  3. What bedding/substrate do you reccomend for rats?

    General Rat Topics
    I am considering getting rats one day and I don't know what kind of bedding/substrate to get. I've heard that rats are prone to respiratory issues if certain kinds of bedding/substrate is used, any suggestions?
  4. rat taking bedding out of house?

    General Rat Topics
    Im sitting next to my buddy's cage and i just got done playing with him and now all of the sudden he's taking all the bedding out of his house and piling it all up into a corner. Anyone else have rats that do this? Hes one years old and im a new rat mom. I cant seem to find anything on the...
  5. Fleece/Liners

    Rat Homes
    How do you guys keep your rats from climbing under the cage liners or dragging the entire piece of fleece into their hide? My sweet girls are absolute fiends when it comes to nesting, and no matter how much nesting material I provide, they always want to rearrange their liners. I've been...