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  1. Pet rat always bites out of nowhere (please help)

    Rat Behavior
    Pet rat biting out of nowhere (please help, I dont know what to do) Hello! I bought my first pet rats (3 boys in total, aged between 6-8 weeks) last Saturday and brought them home. I left them alone over the night so that they could calm down. After that I slowly started to try and bond with...
  2. Squeaking in a certain location

    Rat Behavior
    Hi! One of my rats has been making very frequent, high-pitched squeaks, but only when she is resting inside of her hammock (I can't see what she's doing when she squeaks like this, because she lies down in between the two linings of the hammock rather than on top of it). The only time she ever...
  3. My rat is barbering his brothers

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I have three rats - Templeton, Toby and Todd. They are around 8 months old and came from the same litter from a breeder. Over the course of a few months, Templeton has been barbering Toby to the point where he has symmetrical bald spots on his shoulders and sometimes has small scabs from...