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  1. Biting, Help!

    Rat Behavior
    Ok so we've had our 2 rats for about 2 months now (from the pet shop). I've been working on getting them used to being handled and it seems to be going ok with Rosie, she is getting more used to me and will climb onto my hand when I put it in the cage. Rita however is a different story! She...
  2. Should I Exchange my Rat?

    Rat Behavior
    Just created this account so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong. So, a few weeks ago, six to be precise, got my first ever pair of rats! But it hasn’t been all sunshine and lollipops. One of my rats Ra, a dwarf, has a temperament problem. At first it started with nipping my hand. It wasn’t...
  3. My rat will randomly bite down hard and has a hard time letting go

    Rat Behavior
    Hello, new rat mom here. I recently adopted an 8 month old male rat from a rat breeder that had to put him up for adoption because he wasn’t getting along with other rats and needed to be alone. He is sweet as can be and has no problem coming up to us in his cage and will even climb into our...
  4. Any advice on biting rats? (for an inexperienced rat owner)

    General Rat Topics
    I got my first pack of rats ( 4 girls ) 5 months ago. I was really exited to teach them tricks and pet them. At first I wanted to buy them from a breeder but since I couldn't find one, I got them from a pet store. When they bit me the first few times I thought it was gonna take care of it self...
  5. Training and Biting - HELP!!!

    Rat Behavior
    So I have new rat babies I’ve had them nearly 2 weeks. And I’m struggling to stop them from biting so I can start stroking and holding. I recently just tried the spoon technique (make an eek when they bite it) and now I’m using soft foods so they’ll learn to lick instead of bite. They only seem...
  6. Help With Trust Training

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, thanks for reading and any help you have to offer. We have four female rats, two are about five months and two are about three months old. They like playing with us and aren't afraid. The only problem is, we were bitten by pretty much all of them at one point (blood drawn) so we started...
  7. Rat is becoming blind, starting to bite. Please help!

    Rat Behavior
    I have two rats, both are sisters about 1 year and 1 month old. One of my rats has become blind in one eye, while the other eye has very poor vision. The vet has told me in a few months time she will be totally blind. I have taken precautions to help her get to food and water, my only problem...