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    i am might get a new cage mate for my rat. my current rat is female and is roughly 18 months . she has been alone for a while but always had my company because i wasn't inn school. i will be going back to school so she will need someone to be with when im not there . what age rat should i get...
  2. Rat Behavior
    Recently I rescued 3 young female rats from a situation where they were left to roam in one room on their own with no human interaction whatsoever. From what I gather the owner had had a huge unexpected litter, decided to get rid of all of the rats but these three babies escaped. Because the...
  3. General Rat Topics
    Hi, I'm not sure if its okay to ask for advice on this forum but if not please delete or lmk! I got two baby females around a month and a half ago and they're growing and doing well. Since I got them I've tried to handle them every day and ensure that I'm interacting with them. They are used...
1-3 of 3 Results