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  1. Scared of other rat

    Rat Behavior
    Hi! as you can see i have problems with one of my rats. He is less than a year old and Im trying to get him to bond with my old boy, Ghost. The problem Im having is that myew boy (Ben) is affraid of Ghost even though Ghost has been nothing but sweet, trying to groom him and such and bruxing when...
  2. Bonding Time.

    Bonding Time.

  3. Help bonding with rats!!

    Rat Behavior
    I have six female rats I rescued from a local rescue. They live in a four critter nation cage (two double critter nations connected) I spend time with them every single day. I can hand feed them treats however they will not come out of the cage. I don’t want to force them but I also want to...
  4. Older rat is very hostile to newer rat after a fight?

    Rat Behavior
    We just recently got a new rat ( Ren ) and are trying the introduction process. We went through the proper steps ( neutral territory introduction, play area bonding, swapping cages, etc. ) and they were perfectly fine! Honestly, they really didn't pay attention to each other at all. So, after a...
  5. VERY timid rats... can someone help me?

    Rat Behavior
    Hey! If anyone can give me some advice i would appreciate it so much! I adopted 3 ex-lab rat babies who needed a home & they were 8 weeks old when i got them🥰 they're 3 girls and i've had them for about a month... the only problem is that i'm finding it pretty difficult to tame them. I try and...
  6. An intro to bonding

    4/6/16 Although they are tame enough to be held for a split moment, they aren't tame to the extent that they will do so for quite awhile. I find playtime and bonding are extremely helpful in bonding and taming because they will come to associate you with 1.) Treats and 2.) lots of neat toys and...
  7. Are your rats like this?

  8. first time out

    so today I let ava and mazy free roam for the first time :) it took a lot of effort to rat proof my room since it is usually such a mess but it was deffinitly worth it. At first ava was too lazy to get her butt outta the cage so I just let mazy run around, we absolutly balistic. It was the...