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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hi I am looking for Fancy Rat breeders in northern New Jersey. Would anyone have any recommendations for a good rattery in my area? Thanks
  2. General Rat Topics
    I live in the sarasota/osprey Florida area. I'm planning on getting 3 male rats from a breeder. I've checked that website that gives you a list of breeders in your state. I've been looking through those and narrowed them down to 2. I found one that sells neutered boys for 40 each. The rats look...
  3. Adoption Center
    We recently adopted 2 male rats from a breeder. We named them Ollie & Cheddar. They were a little over a month old when we adopted them in March 2021. They are very sweet and have never bitten us. They don't mind being held, but because they're teenagers, they're always wanting to move. With...
1-3 of 3 Results