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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hey! i currently use aspen bedding for my rats, it seems to be fine and there is very little dust. However I want to give them a basket with a different type of bedding (hay preferably) so i was wondering what any of you guys use? Or if any of you know which hay is acceptable. I was finding too...
  2. Rat Homes
    Hiii ive tried to pack the cage more and Get more creative, so what do you guys think? Is it good? You Get some rat pics too;)
  3. Rat Homes
    this one is especially for german rat parents since I assume it's different per country... someone recommended getting the wood chips sold in a hardwood store that are packaged as gardening decoration, rather than the ones sold for pets since it's the same thing technically but is way less...
  4. Rat Homes
    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area when I went into any topic there is only a "reply to" no "post new topic" button until I saw the one on the main page. Just wanted to share my cages and get some tips. What is good and what should be taken out or not used :) First two is their room...
  5. Rat Homes
    Heyyy! I'll be doing a full cage clean today or tomorrow (depending on if my girls would like to go downstairs at some point so I could clean the upstairs) and I was wondering if I should/could switch the spot of their litter box? So the thing is that I initially thought that I would keep the...
  6. Rat Homes
    Hi everyone! I haven't previously owned rats, but I have a deposit on three boys from a breeder that I'm bringing home on the 27th, and have a small question. I have a double critter nation for them, and I want to have a fairly active layout so I would prefer to have the center of the cage...
1-6 of 6 Results