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  1. Rat Behavior
    I've had several rats in my life with varied backgrounds, but I've never had a biter. I rescued 3 girls from a lady who had a few to many litter. She seems to be territorial over her cage and cage mates at times. For example I could be petting someone else and she'll come over to me and bite me...
  2. Rat Homes
    Hello everyone! I own three rats, two of which are newly adopted boys since Snoopie's past cagemate Pom pom died. Anyway; I'm looking to home more in the future. Is my cage large enough for more than three? I know they get aggressive if they are crowded in cages since they do like their space...
  3. Blog
    I've only had my little girls since January. They make me so happy. They never fail to make me smile. I've been told I talk about them too much ;D I just bought them a new cage. A little mad because i was scammed on craigslist. COVERED in rust. $30 for a piece of trash. I power ashed it...
  4. Blog
    Been on the hunt for a Critter Nation Double Unit with a Stand (#162) for awhile now...The cheapest I've found so far is $211, though I'd like to find one lower than $200. Current savings: $89.91