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  1. Rat Homes
    Hello everyone! I own three rats, two of which are newly adopted boys since Snoopie's past cagemate Pom pom died. Anyway; I'm looking to home more in the future. Is my cage large enough for more than three? I know they get aggressive if they are crowded in cages since they do like their space...
  2. General Rat Topics
    I'm soooo excited for Loki! Since he's come to me he's grown rapidly into a super affectionate guy. He absolutely loves to be pet, scratched, chased, tickled, you name it! He just wants to play and love. The poor guy just watches my every move until I'm back at his cage. I wasn't certain how he...
  3. Blog
    So I just recently got two beautiful hairless ratties sisters and they are just to cute, but nother of them were very social with me... It was sad at first and I contected a lot of different people about the issuse. Turns out hairless rats are just by nature more timid because they can be hurt...
1-3 of 3 Results