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  1. Martin’s R-690 Cage Opinions

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    Picking up two baby female rats in a few weeks but I have limited space for a cage. I hear that the 690 is too narrow which makes me nervous because I don’t want to have to upgrade in the future. The space I have for the cage has room for more depth but Martin’s cages that are 18” deep are also...
  2. Cages on a Ramen Budget

    I recently adopted two rats from the rat training lab I worked in at school. I'm pretty excited, except I've had a really hard time finding a suitable cage. All the cages I find are either too small for two rats, too large for the space I have (I still live with my parents and the rats have to...
  3. Soon to be happy rattys!

    So today I went and ordered Peanut a bigger cage that was so much cheaper then Midnights! Its four storys so lots of room for him to run around in! Yesterday we got their hammocks made and are going to be put into their cages today! I am very excited too see what they will do once we get them in...