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  1. Rat Health
    Hi all, I had an injured rat recently and took him to the vet in our small cloth carrier. Even though I put a towel down, there was a fair amount of blood left behind in the carriers lining. I am going to wash it today to try to remove the stain and scent (I'm thinking soap and water, then maybe...
  2. General Rat Topics
    I want to take my rats (3 boys) with me places, and not just for a little day trip. Every couple of weeks I go up north to my fiancé's cabin with his family, usually for around 3 days, 2 nights (leave midday first day, stay all next day, leave morning/midday third day), the drive is about an...
  3. Rat Behavior
    Hello again! I know I have too many questions right now but.. yeah, I just need some extra help being a new rat mom 😅 So the situation is that in two days I've had my babies for a week and they are not yet comfortable with me picking them up but I would soon have to do a full cage cleaning...
1-3 of 3 Results