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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hey! Does anyone here know what color/patterns my rats are? This (the white one) is Mooncake. She is fully white besides a few gray spots next to her ear. She has black eyes. She is dumbo. This is Thunder. She is black with white under her chin and white spotting all along her sides and...
  2. General Rat Topics
    so I have 2 litters currently. One has 3 little ones with this interesting color and the second litter got 1 of the same color. It's not a color i have seen before and cannot find it in the afrma color book. Can anyone please help? I'm not worried about markings as all 4 have different markings.
  3. General Rat Topics
    Hi, I hope its okay to post things like this but two of my rats have changed colours and I am confused on what colour they are now. The rat in the bottom pic is Newton when I got him he was an agouti colour (you can still see that colour a bit on his head) a couple of days ago though I noticed...
1-3 of 3 Results